GOD (Antidoto #2)

Before Reptil (a zine that started in 1990), ‘Boliche’ (the drummer of ‘Subterranean Kids’, Barcelona) did Antidoto (1988-90). I’d never seen any of them (‘no hablo español‘) until they surfaced on the www (thx to Luis A.)…

#1 (March ’88) had interviews with ‘Acció Directa’, ‘Monstruación’, ‘Subterranean Kids’, ‘S.C.A.’, ‘Squandered Message’, ‘I Deny’, ‘Último Gobierno’; info on squatting in Copenhagen & Hamburg, a ‘foreigner page’ (in English), a Greek scene-report, info on the No More Censorship! campaign, ‘Circle Jerks’/’Gang Green’ tour-report, etc.

#2 (June ’88): ‘Ludichrist’, ‘The Accüsed’, ‘GOD’, ‘Pure Hate’, ‘Cry Of Terror’, ‘Ewings’, ‘Preter Racio’, ‘M.C.D.’, ‘Gang Green’, Vellocet, ‘Instigators’ interviews; letters, ‘foreigner page’, a piece on the Cros 10 squat in Barcelona, a criticism of rightist US bands, scene-reports of Switzerland & Australia, reviews, etc.

#3 (February ’90) contained interviews with ‘L’Odi Social’, ‘Stikky’, ‘Visions Of Change’, ‘Corn Flakes’, ‘Sick Of It All’, ‘Bold’ and more; info on ‘Kazjurol’ & ‘Oncle Slam’, a huge letter-section, ‘Subterranean Kids’ tour-report, squatting in Zaragoza & Galicia, a column on the Barcelona Olympics, reviews, scene-reports (Zaragoza, Milwaukee & Poland), etc. Came with a tape with bands from Barcelona.

GOD‘ was 3-piece from Amsterdam with Thomas ‘Tos’ Nieuwenhuizen on guitar/vocals, Michael Cavanagh (ex ‘Agent Orange’) on bass/vocals & Daan van der Elsken doing drums/vocals. They did 2 albums for Konkurrel (Sweet Life, ’88 & The Shametree, ’89) and in 1991 the Headrush LP was released on Destiny. Their music was called “post-punk that gradually evolved into jazz-punk or art-metalcore”.

[Translation below]


DONE BY AZIZ BADRANE (‘HasjieS’ [singer of ‘N.R.A.’; owner of skateboard- and punk record-shop Independent Outlet])

PRESENT: Tos (guitar / voice) – Michael (bass / voice) /// ABSENT: Daan (drums / voice)

A: What kind of music do you play?

T: Crossover, punk, metal; a compilation of all kinds of music from 1970 until now.

A: Do you believe in God?

T/M: No! A pertinent no! Or do you mean the possibilities of the band?

A: If you want, yes. What are your pretensions? Do you want to become famous and earn a lot of money?

T/M: Yes, we would like to earn some money instead of losing it all the time, and make sure that a lot of people know us. I mean, of course we want to earn some money. Otherwise, you have nothing to spend.

A: Do you want to make it your work, your source of income?

T: Yes, but you have to be careful with that. I mean, if it becomes your job, it also gets boring, I think.

A: How long has the band been around?

T/M: Now 2 years ago.

A: Have you played a lot? Where?

T/M: Yes, about 60 concerts in less than a year. We have played in several countries such as Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Germany.

A: On your tour of Spain, things didn’t go very well. What went wrong? Would you go back to tour Spain?

M: People in Spain don’t understand our music very well. I mean they are busy with other music so I would say that in 1 year or 5 we would like to play in Spain again.

T: I don’t know. I liked it but there were so few people everywhere we played. I think we came up with something completely new in Spain. Too slow.

A: What do your lyrics talk about?

T/M: About life and the problems you face. Problems that everyone encounters when they think about a topic for 1 hour or more. There are many people who don’t, that’s why it’s good that there are lyrics to read. Some of them sometimes make them think.

A: Do you think there is life after death?

M: What question is that? I don’t want to say anything about that. Everything can happen.

T: No, I think it’s very interesting. I think our unconscious continues. So it’s not physically living. I try to imagine it but I’m still stuck with this issue.

A: So what is the meaning of life?

M: What your life-experiences are. And it will be taken into account by someone. I think this world is coming to an end so everything you do now will be good for the next world: they will be able to learn from our experiences.

T: I don’t know the meaning of life. It’s not for yourself, because you will die anyway. I think I’m doing something useful in my band.

A: Do you have political ambitions?

T: I want to be prime minister.

M: No, I’m not into that: I hate it.

T: It’s just a game that the rich and the powerful people play. You should do the things you find important for yourself.

A: Are you a political band?

M: No, we are not.

A: You recorded a tape in Italy [the band’s LP Sweet Life was recorded in Pisa in 1987] right? Is it okay?

T/M: Yes, it must be mixed in Italy too, but the album will be released in March.

A: You were in other bands before: Tos in ‘Funeral Oration’ and in the ‘Gospelfuckers’ [‘Jezus & the Gospelfuckers’]. (Good years, bad years?), and Michael in ‘Agent Orange’.

T: It seems that I’ve been busy with music for the last 5 years. What is there to say? The documentation is there. Well, the ‘Gospelfuckers’ didn’t release an album but they got a reputation, created by those who were too lazy to do a band of their own or had nothing else to do.

M: ‘Agent Orange’, and before that other bands.

T: All that shit about what those bands did! Both ‘Gospelfuckers’ and ‘Agent Orange’ have a bad reputation. And people still want to tell this to the people who were in those bands.

M: They say things like we were a fascist band. It’s just revenge on people we didn’t like.

A: What do you think about the situation (HC and metal) in the Netherlands? Do you think there’s good bands here?

T: I think the whole scene here admires the big foreign bands musically. Nothing is happening with local bands. Only ‘No Pigs’, but they’ve been around for a while and they try to play what people ask for.

M: People just want to spend money and watch bands. And the headbangers are even worse. I think crossover is just something to keep a little bit alive what is already dead.

A: What do you think of bands like the ‘Stupids’ that were promoted as the new revolution in music by the English music-press, and who proclaim that skate-rock is the new revolution in music and similar things?

T: It’s disgusting, it’s like ‘Bon Jovi’, all dressed up. Yuck!

M: I don’t even know them.

T: They just try to make money on a new trend. I see nothing funny in that.

M: We have turned away from that kind of music, and metal too. We only play heavy (hard) music and we don’t need any label for that. We just play.

A: Like ‘Gore’ or something like that?

T: No, I think that ‘Gore’ also tries to take advantage and play for a select audience. They want to get a lot of attention based on the average trend.

A: Where did you get your influences?

T: Of everything I’ve heard. The basis of our music is the people that drink beers and don’t go to discos to listen to music. I don’t have a radio and I never watch TV or video-clips. That’s what I like about ‘Metallica’. They are the best in their kind of music but they have never made a video. While all those shits like ‘Anthrax’ make videos all the time. It’s disgusting, maybe the music has something to do with what we play, but the difference is that we sweat and they use a spray to look sweaty. That’s fake.

M: Take all types of metal: they all have some kind of scheme (like metal, black metal, death-metal, speed-metal, thrash-metal) when playing.

T: I once argued with a guy about those issues. I think I called ‘Venom’ speed-metal and he made fun of that! You don’t need to give your music a name.

A: Do you get a lot of letters from fans and groupies?

T: No letters from fans or groupies. We change directions a lot but we have rarely received anything. We don’t have shirts or discs, or stickers to send.

M: But we like the fans. I mean it’s good to see the same people again at concerts, especially pretty women.

A: Do you do something besides playing in the band?

T: I’m a builder (?), if they don’t fire me; and I have weird black Pumas (shows one), which will make me filthy rich. My hobbies are reading, collecting shells and making small constructions.

M: I’m going to work soon but I don’t have a job at the moment. My hobbies are playing music, cooking and taking long hot showers.

A: Do you have anything to add to this interview, or for people in Spain?

M: Yes, next time I hope we can receive what we asked for and if the other bands bring their own material, we would be happy to play there again.

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Product X (It’s Not Just Boys Fun #1)

The person that introcuced me to this zine and its editor (Elena Stöhr) was probably Lieve Goemaere of Ugly Duckling zine. Elena might have contacted me for distribution. She was still a teen then, if I remember well. The young woman (from the Köln/Trier-area) started studying languages & philosophy, and later took up gender-studies. Her first issue (editorial dated June 1999) had interviews with ‘Absence’ (Ita), ‘Unison’ (Yug), ‘Product X’ (Hol), ‘Reinforce’, ‘Esteem’ & ‘Purpose’ (all 3 from the US); an article about what’s wrong with Nike, thoughts about death-penalty, women in developing countries & in Auschwitz, fascism, columns, reviews, diary-entrees, etc. #2 (which got out in 2000) was subtitled the Anarchist Black Cross tribute issue; there was info on life in prison/death-sentenced prisoners and contained interviews with bands (‘Boycot’, ‘Strength Approach’, etc.), thoughts/columns, etc. It evolved from a SxE HC zine to a more personal and political zine.

I only know about the next issues through the www… #3 (Some Wounds Never Heal) got out after about 4 years. She wrote about it: “I never wanted it to be read but I decided that its release is important for me so… It’s mostly about the tumor in my breast, surgery and the effects this had (and still has) on my life. The rest is an old Stockholm-travel diary from 2002.”. #4 (Silence = Death) – almost a hundred pages – was about rape/sexual abuse (writings from primarily women-identified rape) and includes a diversity of (horrible and painful) stories of survivors of sexual assault, poems, lyrics and columns.

Later she also did Rote Tränen (red tears): a small (per)zine, very delicate and personal; with poems, fiction, personal stories, photos and wonderful collages – personal writings and poems (German & English). Read more about that in an interview with Elena by Elke Zobl.

She also helped out with the label annex mailorder/distribution founded by Nikita Lavrinenko of the band ‘Yage’ (Nova recs) for a while, (helped) organise(d) shows/tours (Paper and Iron Booking) from time to time, wrote columns for the (defunct) DIY punk/HC e-fanzine Enough and various other zines, etc.

‘Product X’ was an SxE band (from Tilburg) with Ries Doms (drums; later ‘Reaching Forward’), Marcel Groenewegen (bass), Merlyn Janssen (vocals) & Matthijs Verberkmoes (guitar). In 1995/6 they self-released their True Persistence tape; Commitment recs did 2 EPs: Hometeam (98) & Who Makes The Heroes… (99). Ries & Marcel also did a zine: Arm’s Length.


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So Much Hate (Sct. Peters Engle #5)

Sct. Peters Engle [Saint Peter’s Angels] was done by Marie Molin (from Højbjerg/Odense, Denmark). Her second issue was dubbed the first Danish zine in English (co-editor was Svend-Erik ‘Svenne’ Jepsen a.k.a. Wanker, R.I.P.). I never saw the first ones but #2 (February 1986) can be found on the www (Trondheim, Norway scene-report, various info, personal columns, reviews, interview with ‘Toxic Toys’, feature on the Danish band ‘Büld’). Here’s what I read about #3 (86?): “Punk zine with pieces on the Danish fanzine-scene, the Dutch zine Nieuwe Koekrand, interview with members of ‘Kafka Prosess’ and ‘Chumbawumba’, and more. The back cover has a statement that is critical of the Danish government for its treatment of Tamil refugees.”

I got a copy of #4 (published October ’86) most probably from Marie or her friend Anderz Nielsen (my mate ‘Duco’ -‘Hate Crew’ guitarist- was friends with both Anderz Nielsen and Marie – we visited them in the summer of ’86). This issue contains a talk with the Swedish band ‘Pöbel Möbel’, info on ‘N.O.T.A.’ (Tulsa, Oklahoma), a text by ‘Duco’ entitled From 1968 To 1986, an opinion on heavy metal, book-reviews, an interview with ‘Irha’ (Italy), Danish scene-report, etc.

Marie’s 5th issue (probably the last) came out as a split with Jakob Nielsen’s Sorte Rose #8 (titled Sorte Engle / Sct. Peters Rose) in July 1987. Not sure who did what exactly but the zine has quite some pictures (probably by Jakob: ‘Negazione’, ‘Artless’, ‘Kafka Prosess’, ‘GOD’, ‘Cólera’), a ‘split’ interview between Ian of Dischord recs and Dick of Bluurg recs, book-recommendations, the talk (below) Marie had with ‘So Much Hate’, etc.

Nowadays Marie works for an independent newspaper…

She interviewed ‘So Much Hate’ (from Oslo) in their early days (May 1987), shortly after Gunnar Nuven did the last gig of ‘Kafka Prosess’ (April 1987). He’d joined forces with ‘Bannlyst’s Børre Løvik (guitar), Per-Arne Haugen (bass) & Finn-Erik Tangen (drums); and was about to release their debut-LP (How We Feel). I saw this incredible band several times and (co-)organised 3 gigs for them (87-10-31, 88-04-29 & 89-03-25). I also published an interview with the band in Tilt! #4 (1988).

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Neanderthal (Excess #3)

This fanzine was edited by Dave Nathanson, brother of Adam (guitarist of ‘Life’s Blood’, ‘Born Against’ & Young Pioneers; and editor of a few zines). I only have the third issue (most probably got it from Sam McPheeters) and it reminded me a lot (layout-wise) of Sam’s zine Dear Jesus and/or Kent McClard’s No Answers. Dave was doing this out of his university-dorm in Washington DC. He was SxE but the zine didn’t focus on that…

A review of #2 (’91) mentions interviews with ‘Forced Down’, ‘Neurosis’, ‘Swiz’, etc., an “installment of War Prayer © and plenty of god-bashing material”. #3 (’91) contains interviews with ‘Fuel’, ‘Neanderthal’, ‘Krack’; a diary of ‘Born Against’s American tour (by Adam), zine-/music-/concert-reviews, an opinion by the band ‘Downcast’ and a column on animal-research. For #4 a ‘Rorschach’ interview was announced…

Here’s the interview Dave did with ‘Neanderthal’s Eric Wood (ex ‘Pissed Happy Children’; also ‘Charred Remains’, ‘Man Is The Bastard‘, ‘Crossed Out’, etc.) in Dec. 1990, when the 7″ on Slap A Ham recs with Eric doing bass/vocals, ‘Infest’s Matt Domino (drums/guitar) & Joe Denunzio (vocals) was just out and they hadn’t played live yet… They were a Californian (superfast & brutal) powerviolence band. The mentioned split with ‘Pink Turds In Space’ was indeed under the name of Wood’s other project ‘Charred Remains’ a.k.a. Man Is The Bastard’. Sam McPheeters’ zine Dear Jesus #38 came with a ‘Neanderthal’/’Rorschach’ split.

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Xpozez (Boel #2)

Stijn Persoons (drummer of ‘A-Strant’, ‘Dawn Of Liberty’, ‘Kosjer D’, ‘Smäris’; at that time nicknamed Ollivettie Stront) – who had done another zine entitled Leugen En Verraad (“lies and treason”; more of an anarcho zine) before (with some other people) – got together with Jan Peters to do a couple issues of Boel (which can be translated as “trouble”, “skirmish” or “scuffle”). They focussed on introducing hardcore bands. The guys also did compilation-tape(s) which they referred to as Clandestiene Producties…

#1 (1984): info on the UK miners’ strike; brief talks with ‘Varukers’, ‘Indirekt’, ‘Laitz’, ‘Zyklome-A’, VanAlles & NogWatt’ and ‘Crude SS’; criticism on ‘The Apostles’ plus reviews. #2 (1985): ‘Xpozez’, ‘XXX’ & ‘Upright Citizens’, info on ‘Kromozom 4’, ‘Verdun’, ‘Black Vampire’, ‘Funeral Oration’, ‘X-Creta’ & ‘Tumbas NN’ (Argentina), an Italian scene-report, opinions and news. The zines were kindly donated by Ann Hendriks.

This interview with ‘Xpozez’ was done by mail after they’d played @ Paradox in Antwerp (84-11-02; together with Belgian bands ‘Zyklome-A’, ‘No Numbers’, War Risk 3′ & ‘Pigs In Blue Glue’). They were also billed there with ‘Conflict’, ‘Pandemonium’, etc. in June ’84…

‘Xpozez’ (from Huddersfield) was the band of Andy ‘Tez’ Turner who would soon become the singer of ‘Instigators’ (he ran Retaliation mailorder, which would turn into Full Circle label & distro). At the time of the interview the others were Andrew ‘Trimble’ Turnbull (bass; also ‘Instigators’ and later ‘Aftermath’), Neil Dickinson (guitar; R.I.P.) & Andy Brooky (drums). They were about to release the Forcefed The Truth Drug 7″ on Tim Bennett’s label Children Of The Revolution recs…

[Translation below]

The ‘Xpozez’ are an English band. You can’t call them a hardcore band but my description of their music won’t go beyond that. A few weeks (months) ago they played at the Paradox in Antwerp. I sent my letter to them a week after that performance. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago I got an answer! So there will be some questions about their experiences regarding their concert in Belgium.

To start with the beginning. Tell us a bit more about the ‘Xpozez’. What is the line-up? Do you do other things besides playing in the band?

X: The ‘Xpozez’ have been together as a band since 1979, but after that there have been a few line-up changes. Currently the bands consists of ‘Tez X’ (vocals), Neil (guitar) ‘Trimble’ (bass) & Brooky (drums). By the way: this has been the case since 1982. ‘Tez’ and ‘Trimble’ are the two remaining members of 1979. Neil also plays with a band called ‘All Over The Carpet’ and Brooky is in ‘Criminal Justice’. [If I’m not mistaken, there’s a bit more about this band in an issue of DROL zine.] Besides that, all members are involved in Retaliation [A mailorder where you can buy a lot of stuff.] and Huddersfield Sucks [zine].

How did you like the gig in Antwerp?

X: We loved it! We find it regrettable when English bands play abroad and try to make a profit of it. [According to ‘Tez’, a lot of English bands do this.] When we travel to Europe to play, we only ask to be payed for transportation-costs. The people in Antwerp were very friendly and we also learned some more about Belgian punk.

You put on quite a ‘show’ in Antwerp. A lot of bands don’t do that. Why do the ‘Xpozez’ do it?

X: When people come to a gig and have to pay for it, they deserve to get value for their money. Personally, I hate bands who’re playing their songs on stage without moving a muscle. It gets so annoying after a while. And besides: the band is there to provide entertainment, no matter how political they may be. Beside: if you e.g. offer the people something, through your show, that they think can back off, they are more inclined to get something more out of your music and out of what you have to say.

To talk about politics a bit here… What are the political ideas of the ‘Xpozez’?

X: All our political ideas differ from one person to another. I can give some my own opinion. You could call me an anarchist. If you at least understand under anarchy: ‘I live how I want and I do what I want. I am against vivisection. And I am a vegetarian. (Just like the rest of the group.) The whole group is for the fight for freedom. But we have different opinions about a lot of things.

What records and/or tapes have you released so far?

X: Until now we released 3 singles: 1) System Kill EP (sold out), 2) 1000 Marching Feet (also sold out), 3) (Be My) New York Doll (still available). Besides that we also have two songs on the first Pax recs LP (Punk Dead? [Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer Underpants Innit]).

By the time that is available, their next two singles will also be out. The first will be on Bearded Viking recs and has 5 songs on it. The second on Children Of The Revolution recs. This will contain 4 songs. They will cost about 1 £ each. (Nothing was said about tapes, but I do know that they’re on many compilation-tapes and that some of these are sold through their distribution.)

And what are your future plans?

X: Apart from the two singles, we will try to do some more gigs in England. Furthermore, we hope to be able to play in Europe again. If someone can help us, get in touch.


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Defiance (Broken Vision #2)

If I’m not mistaken, the editor of Broken Vision is the vocalist in ‘Hellexist’. It had a few issues I think but I only read the first one. It focussed on anarcho-peace-punk/crust and was inspired by Profane Existence. The interviews and writing-style were not that good to my taste, too tame & no bold ideas. Like a 4th-rate You’re So Hideous or Riot. Co-editor Jeryzon has an underground music-shop in Kuala Lumpur [capital of Malaysia] and a label too but I can’t remember the name…

Ahmad Syahrin, Asas distro, Malaysia

I traded this zine with a person named Encik from Johor (Malaysia)… It was edited by 2 guys from Malaysia: Jimbo (living in Johor Bahru) and Jeryzon (Kuala Lumpur). The first (Jimbo Tiram ‘Bulldozer’) was/is in bands such as ‘Parkinson’ & ‘Hellexist’, and runs the label Broken Noise recs. Before this one he did Chronically Donut zine. Later he also did Jalan.Jatuh.Lari zine.

A review of #1 (January 1998) goes: “Basically, an anarcho/crust zine… Not as political as I had hoped it would be. […] I loved Chronically Donut for its exquisite humour value but this is a serious and thought-provoking zine.”. Content: chats with the Italian band ‘Arturo’, a few Swedish bands (‘Snifter’, ‘Rajoitus’, etc.) and some local acts; a lot of reviews, a couple of columns and other info.

The second issue (January 1999) came out a year after the first. There’s a quite some bits with an anarchist tendency, interviews with ‘Dahmer’, ‘Defiance’, ‘Power Of Idea’ and the Malaysian band ‘Bollocks’, a couple of columns by the editors, letters, scene-reports (Finland & France) and reviews.


‘Defiance’ was one of the many bands (‘Resist’, ‘Deprived’, Masskontrol’, ‘Detestation, …) that bassist Kelly Halliburton was in. They were from Portland (Oregon) and played anarcho street-punk. During their European Tour, they performed at the Vort’n Vis autonomous centre (95-10-14). The others were Alaric ‘Gibby’ Brown (vocals; Tony Mengis of ‘Deprived’/‘Resist’ was on some early recordings), Michael ‘Mike Arrogant’ Aragon (guitars) and Eric ‘Niff’ Alukonis (drums). At the time of this interview Kelly was replaced by Chris ‘Piss’ Carey.

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Earth Citizens (Papermouth #1)

Halfway the 90s I corresponded with and met (at a Vort’n Vis festival in 1994) Tomaž Trplan (from Murska Sobota in north-east Slovenia), an intelligent young lad who did this zine. One of his editorials goes: “Papermouth is meant to inspire, inform or provoke; yet you are the one to find out the effect on yourself. […] You are wellcomed to analyse, express, inspire or just throw out the aggression, and see what it does for you. […] It can be a stepping-stone to real communication.” Of course I helped distribute the zine through my mailorder…

The 1992 isssue has interesting articles about punk attitude, communication, dietary revolution, active birth and interviews with ‘Agent 86’ (USA), ‘Anti Military Demonstration’ (Hungary) and ‘Earth Citizens’ (Switzerland). The 1993 issue contained articles about veganism, nutritional value of the fruits and nuts, anti-fascist movement, non-violence and anti-sexism propaganda.

Tomaž studied political science and later did work for UN Women, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, the European Food Safety Authority, the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency, The Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies – “a private, independent, non-profit research institution aiming for “peaceful conflict resolution, equality and respect for human rights standards” and for the Minority Voices programme (which goals are “the inclusion of minority and indigenous peoples’ perspectives in the EU media and to increase awareness among development policy-makers of the specific needs of minority and indigenous communities”).

‘Earth Citizens’ was the anarcho-crust/punk band my comrade and ultra-productive zinester (No Sanctuary, Alternative, Brain Death, …) Pablo (‘The Prophet’ from Zürich, later Biel/Bienne) was in. He also ran the DIY label Resistance productions (and later Strongly Opposed recs). He was the drummer of the band. The others were ‘Schrein’n’hart’ Reinhard (vocals at first, later ‘Oi!Siris’), Fritze ‘Furz The System’ (guitar & backing-vocals) and Dani / Sammy ‘Soyhead’ Schneider / Lara A. (bass). Pablo was in other musical projects before, during and after this: e.g. ‘The Brains Of Humans’, ‘Protest’, ‘Domo Arigato’, ‘Umbrella Tribe’, etc.



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