Christ On Parade (Endless Struggle #7)

There’s already something from the Canadian zine Endless Struggle on this website (from the only issue I seem to have). Randy Smith (From Hamilton, Ontario), who also archives radical literature on his website Arm The Spirit (named after Arm The Spirit “autonomist anti-imperialist journal” that he published in the early 90s) and runs the label Rebel Time recs, sent me issues 6-12 (1988-90). The issues preceding E.S. were titled Secret Burial…

He tells me Endless Struggle was published (supported by a whole bunch of contributors) by Gord Hill (a.k.a. Zig-Zag) from Vancouver, a long time activist (First Nations, indigenous people’s and anti-globalization movements). He also published some books; e.g. The Antifa Comic Book.

The zine featured HC/punk bands [#6: ‘The Accüsed’, ‘Subverse’, ‘Desecration’, ‘Ripcord’; #7: ‘Christ On Parade’, ‘So Much Hate’; #8: ‘Atavistic’, ‘State Sponsered Dissident Crucifixion’ (Oz); #9: ‘Misery’, ‘Infezione’; #10: ‘Generic’; #12: ‘Political Asylum’] and highlighted various activist themes… [e.g. #6: anarchy/government, El Salvador report; #7: political prisoners (Anarchist Black Cross); #8: squatting, anti-racism; #9: anti-capitalism; #10: struggles of native people, animal-liberation, autonomous (and other) resistance; #11: environmentalism/ecology, feminism, Palestinian resistance; #12: Spanish political prisoners, autonomous struggle, anarcho-feminism, anti-imperialism, …]

There was also room for art, letters, reviews, 3rd World Punk (#7), local reports (Sweden in # 9, Mexico & Berlin in #11) and so much more. Gord also ran a small tape-distribution named Trenchfoot and released an ABC benefit-tape (entitled Dawn Of Liberty).


Before E.S. I had started a zine called Secret Burial. The title was based on a massacre that had occurred in El Salvador in the early 1980s. At the time I was inspired by leftist politics including the revolutionary movement in El Salvador, and one of the first groups I was ever involved with was an El Salvador solidarity group in Vancouver. Another inspiration for me was Pushead, an artist who did much of the early graphic work for a number of bands, and later some of Metallica’s artwork. So I combined this leftist politics with gory, horror type of art. The zine Secret Burial had very low print runs, maybe 30-50 or so. I had no equipment and everything was hand written. After a few issues I got access to a photocopier at a restaurant where my girlfriend at the time worked. I made about six issues of Secret Burial before I had a better understanding of anarchism and learned how to do a better layout of the zine, at which time I changed the title to Endless Struggle but kept the same numeration.

Gord Hill

This interview with ‘Christ On Parade’ (political HC band from San Francisco’s Bay Area) was done right after the release of their LP A Mind Is A Terrible Thing and before their European tour. In the band at that time: Todd Kramer (drums), Ron Nichols (bass; replacing Malcolm Sherwood), Doug Kearney (guitar/vocals) & Noah Landis (guitar/vocals). Earlier on Barrie Evans sang and Mike Scott (‘Econochrist’) played guitar…

pics by Stef Smits (Leuven, Bel, 88-09-18)

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