Maximum RocknRoll’s Tim Yohannan (Tunga Tunga #6)

Another great interview that Louanne Voskans did for her zine Tunga Tunga…

When I was in San Francisco in August ’89 I went to Blacklist mailorder (one of the projects of the Maximum Rock’nRoll crew) to sort out distribution of my zine Tilt!. At that time my band’s studio-recordings (‘Repulsives’) were released on tape (by Nabate from Belgium) as a benefit for the White Rose Collective and I gave Tim Yohannan (founder of MRR) a copy for review. Tim was a very busy man and we spoke only briefly. A few days later I was at the old MRR house on Clipper Street. I remember sitting/talking in their ‘record-room’ on a red velvet couch when he dashed by, no time for conversation…

A few years later I wrote him with a few questions for my piece HC-activists over 30 (in Tilt! #7) but didn’t get an answer. I think that at that time he might’ve already been going through treatment for the illness that would eventually kill him. People can read about the history of MRR (the radioshow & zine, and the Gilman Street project, Blacklist, their recordstore & label) elswehere but this interview gives some insight in Tim’s thoughts at that time…

Tim Yohanan (Tunga Tunga #6) aTim Yohanan (Tunga Tunga #6) bTim Yohanan (Tunga Tunga #6) c


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2 Responses to Maximum RocknRoll’s Tim Yohannan (Tunga Tunga #6)

  1. Louanne Voskans says:

    This one is very special to me. Tim was one of the most significant people in my life. I remember doing this interview in his home in San Francisco. I’m so grateful for that memory.

  2. Timojhen Mark says:

    Enjoy reflecting on this era – impressive how much it influenced who I’ve become…

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