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So Much Hate (Sct. Peters Engle #5)

Sct. Peters Engle [Saint Peter’s Angels] was done by Marie Molin (from Højbjerg/Odense, Denmark). Her second issue was dubbed the first Danish zine in English (co-editor was Svend-Erik ‘Svenne’ Jepsen a.k.a. Wanker, R.I.P.). I never saw the first ones but … Continue reading

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Neanderthal (Excess #3)

This fanzine was edited by Dave Nathanson, brother of Adam (guitarist of ‘Life’s Blood’, ‘Born Against’ & Young Pioneers; and editor of a few zines). I only have the third issue (most probably got it from Sam McPheeters) and it … Continue reading

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Xpozez (Boel #2)

Stijn Persoons (drummer of ‘A-Strant’, ‘Dawn Of Liberty’, ‘Kosjer D’, ‘Smäris’; at that time nicknamed Ollivettie Stront) – who had done another zine entitled Leugen En Verraad (“lies and treason”; more of an anarcho zine) before (with some other people) … Continue reading

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