Women in HC (Exedra #3)

I met Sonia Skindrud at a concert (‘Neurosis’, ‘Econochrist’, …) in a squat in San Francisco, August 1989. We didn’t get to talk much because there was so much going on and the environment was so overwhelming to me, but I could tell this was a smart and caring woman. At that time she was contributing to No Answers zine (Kent McClard). Soon after (early 90s) she started doing her own zine Exedra [in ancient Greece this was a building that could be used for meetings, conversations and lectures], together with her friend Kim Carlyle. She also sang for the Californian band ‘Not For The Lack Of Trying’. We wrote a few times and I helped distribute the zine in my area. It contained interesting interviews (‘Spitboy’s Karin Gembus and the one below) and ideas. Sonia & Kim wanted to make it clear that it was not a “woman’s zine” and that they covered “human issues” (rape, reproductive rights, physical disabilities, ethnic heritage and political resistance). From the review in my zine Tilt! #7: >> This is one of the best, most thought-provoking zines I’ve ever read. These women write excellent articles on social and political topics … <<

The piece I’m reprinting here inspired me later to do a similar thing (Women in HardCore Punk) in my own zine Tilt! #8. Just as Sonia I tried to evoke some thoughts/ideas/reflections on the female perspective and sexism in the HC/punk-scene (though with a series of less obvious questions). Not all women wanted to answer me (perhaps because of the unusual queries) but she also found only 3 women who were willing to: Marianne Hofstetter (zine-editor, co-founder of Mugglewump recs and ‘Profax’ bassist), Kim Nolan (editor of Bark And Grass) and Dawn Williams.

Women in HC (Exedra #3) aWomen in HC (Exedra #3) bWomen in HC (Exedra #3) cWomen in HC (Exedra #3) dWomen in HC (Exedra #3) eWomen in HC (Exedra #3) fSonia performing with ‘Not For The Lack Of Trying’:

Not For The Lack Of Trying (Sonia Skindrud) California 2Not For The Lack Of Trying (Sonia Skindrud) California 1 (--)

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