Indian Dream (Alternative #5)

Alternative was the zine that my pen-pal Pablo (drummer of the anarcho-punk band ‘Brains Of Humans’) and his mate Fritze started in the late 80s; at that time still in their home-region near Zürich. They also ran Resistance Productions (orginally a tape-label & -distro but they eventually also released vinyl; turned into Strongly Opposed recs). The zine was packed with interviews (often rather unknown bands), info and reviews. This interview here appeared in what I think was the last issue. It evolved into No Sanctuary (in the early 90s) and the band turned into ‘Earth Citizens’ (where Fritze played guitar).

I think it was Bobs and Set Dixon (‘Active Minds’ / Loony Tunes recs) who introduced me to this amazing band from their hometown (Scarborough, UK): ‘Indian Dream’. They were on L.T.’s first release ever (Splitting Headache On A Sunday Afternoon compilation-7″; together with ‘Noid’s other band ‘Radio Freedom’, ‘Activie Minds’ & ‘Satanic Malfunctions’) and the brothers had released the band’s first 7″ Well! Are You Happy Now! (’87). In ’89 the band released their LP Orca themselves and I liked it so much that I decided to help them by organising a small tour (7 days Bel-Ned-Ger; April/May ‘9o) so that we could witness them live. When everything was arranged the band informed me that they had (financial) problems and weren’t gonna come over. The tour was filled in by the Bradford-based bands ‘The Next World’ & ‘Headcore’… ‘Indian Dream’ did a last self-titled 7″ in ’92… And they contributed a track to the Walk Across America compilation-7″ that Joris of  Bonds Of Frienship did.

Indian Dream insertThe band consisted of vocalist Lesley Richardson, bassist ‘Noid’ Eric Richardson (+ vocals), guitarist Rich Bennett (+ keyboards) & drummer Alan Boyes. In a later stage they got a second guitarist named Chris Lyndsay. Here’s some bits from my reviews in Tilt! #6: >>Melodic HC-punk with a crunchy, grating but angry guitarsound. Genuine and moving female vocals…<< (first 7″) >>Real neat and truly D.I.Y. (totally self-managed) product. … Super-melodic stuff with a feeling of modest grandeur. … The excellent female vocals that are carried by a sea of flaoting guitars, chill you to the bone.<< (LP)

Indian Dream (Alternative #5) aIndian Dream (Alternative #5) bIndian Dream (Alternative #5) cIndian Dream (Alternative #5) dIndian Dream (Alternative #5) e

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