Man Lifting Banner ([The Great] Enoch #1)

In these neoliberal times, where labourers and middle-class are lullabied into mindless consumerism, one is happy that there’s still bands to whom revolution, socialism, class-struggle, solidarity, etc. aren’t hollow terms. After the demise of ‘Seein’Red’, the Van den Berg bros. can divert their energy into ‘M.L.B.’ (which already started quite a while ago). This interview dates from the time a while after their mates Michiel & Burt made the switch from ‘Profound’ (taking Big into their ranks)…

Interviewer is a longtime mate, Jakob Nielsen. He started to do zines already in the 80s (Sorte Rose), set up gigs in his hometown Alborg (at the renown 1000 Fryd) and distributed a variety of DIY material (including my own zine). Jakob stated he’s an anarchist and doesn’t agree with everything being said. I might’ve agreed but nowadays I don’t think it’s a good idea to create extra divides between socialsists, communists, anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, etc.

MLB (Enoch #1) aMLB (Enoch #1) bMLB (Enoch #1) cMLB (Enoch #1) dMLB (Enoch #1) eMLB (Enoch #1) fMLB (Enoch #1) gMLB (Enoch #1) hMLB (Enoch #1) i

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