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Anti Scrunti Faction (Deadly Dose Of Noise #1)

This Swiss (Zürich) zine, D.D.N., was edited by Markus ‘Mäge’ Sulger & Fabian ‘Fäbe’ Gasser (ex ‘The Decay’, nowadays guitarist of ‘Aloha Jones’). They got help from ‘Insane Johnny’ (my friend Pablo, who played in the band ‘The Decay’ with … Continue reading

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Nog Watt (De Minima #2)

Amsterdam based zine by Edwin Feenstra (later Wicked Witch recs), André Wehl & Hanz/Hans Vermaas. My mate Dirk Ceustermans borrowed me his copy of #2. This one includes the bands ‘Strong Concentration Of Anger’, ‘Disgust’ & ‘Nog Watt’ and gig/zine/music-reviews. … Continue reading

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This was a fanzine done by people based in Le Havre (France). The main editors were Pat(rick) Blondeau (R.I.P.) and Val(erie) Roger of Thrash recs (distribution, and label in the early 90s). Val & Pat had been involved with the … Continue reading

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