Youth Of Today (Definite Choice #3)

One of the very first interviews with ‘Youth Of Today’ (about their early days) I saw. It was published in Definite Choice, the fanzine that the guys of ‘Lärm’ (Paul & Olav Van den Berg, Jos Houtveen) did together with their mates (Theun Koelemij, René Harx, …) – a great example for many zine-makers at that time (including myself). It also contained excellent artwork by people such as ‘Burt’ Griffioen (‘Man Lifting Banner’) and Roel Smit (‘Human Alert’).

This (reprinted) interview with ‘Y.O.T.’s Ray Cappo was conducted in 1985, when Walter Schreifels had joined as bassist, Mike ‘Judge’ Ferraro was drumming, and Richie Birkenhead & John Porcell were the guitarists…

YOT (Definite Choice #3) aYOT (Definite Choice #3) bYOT (Definite Choice #3) c————————-

Fear Of Assholes (Burt Griffioen - Definite Choice #3)Unite - Take A Stand (Roel Smit - Definite Choice #3)

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