DS-13 (CUWAN #1)

“hard music and tender kisses”

Erik Ahlberg (from Lund) sent me the first issue of his zine when Tilt! (mailorder/distribution) was going through a transition so I din’t follow it up. CUWAN stands for Can’t Come Up With A Name. The publication certainly deserved attention. This #1 (published in spring 1999) had interviews with ‘DS-13’, ‘Öpstand’, Colin of Hell And Damnation zine & Andreas Hedberg of Doomsday mag; Class War which are all really in depth. There’s also a Belgian scene report and some reviews. I didn’t get to see the second issue but it had interviews with ‘Denak’ from Spain and ‘Gride’ from the Czech Republic, and Germany’s ‘Tumult’, plus reviews, and an interview with 3 ‘mature’ scenesters about how come they’re still involved.


After digging further and further down the underground punk/HC-movement during my early teens, I started doing a compilation-tape [Erik also co-released one EP under the name Tanky Panky Panzerplatter.] and a (very) small distro called Ekire. The whole DIY thing was very attractive to me (and still is!). I did 2 tapes. With this experience and the feeling that I could do things better, I decided a fanzine in English was something I wanted to do. I think it was the feeling of getting something done, and speaking my mind about different records and bands, that triggered me to go along with it. I made xerox-tests at my fathers workplace and printed around 150-200 copies of both the first and second issue. It was really focused on the music. Never got into the politics that deeply although I could sympathise with the general ideas of the punk-movement. Also: I was always afraid to step on someones toes without having enough facts to back it up. I always felt like an outsider in the scene. Spent most of my time at home, with countless hours of reading zines, writing and listening to music. I miss those days. Recording mix-tapes for pen-pals. Talking about life with someone on the other side of the globe. After the second issue, I never got to finish the third. But I did start a record-label (SMRT recs) with a friend. But I didn’t put enough time into it. I lost interest in the scene for many reasons. Fanzines seemed less interesting when I started reading books (frankly: reading some teenagers may not be interesting at all). I felt a bit burned out with buying records and catching the latest trends, it got boring. The music was repeating itself. Also, the internet changed everything. Everyone could download everything. Emails. It was unpersonal and didn’t take any effort. I didn’t like it. I’m 35 years old now (August 2018). I am a researcher, working on air-quality (aersol particles to be specific). When I got back my PhD thesis from the printers the other year, I felt proud holding this thick book in my hands, but I think the zines beat it. Today I’m extremely proud of what I did back then – the effort that I put into producing something that lasts longer than a digital fart. I am reminded now and then, from people that contact me, but also because it’s something I put proudly on my CV – ‘fanzine editor’. It says so much…

Erik Ahlberg

‘DS-13’ (‘Demon System 13’) was a trashcore band from Umeå with Tom ‘Terror’ Churchill (vocals), ‘Andy A’ André Sandström (drums), ‘Jante D-Kay’ Jonas Lyxzén (guitar; also ‘Abhinanda’, ‘Separation’) & ‘138’ Christoffer Röstlund Jonsson (bass; Busted Head recs). At the time of this interview they had a few tapes out (I Was A Teenage Fistfuck; Umeå Hardcore), the Aborted Teen Generation 7″ and a couple of split-7″s…

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