Feed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3)

In Sep/Oct 1990 ‘Feed Your Head’ (Manchester) did a tour (mainly France) which was organised by Arnaud Huftier. Our Smurfpunx collective set up a show for them in Aalst (90-10-06). I’d already seen them perform the year before too (Diksmuide 89-03-05) and a few months before in France (90-05-05). They were playing melodic/atmospheric/poetic (punk)rock that definitely stood out from the grindy/crusty stuff. Nice guys too!

Their first release was a split-EP (with ‘Hex’) called‎ Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained (on Words of Warning). The EP Realm Of The Gods and the excellent LPs Stargazer & The Missing Sound Of Laughter were self-released on their label Crucial Climate).

In 1989 the band was Andrew ‘Chad’ Chadwick (drums/vocals), Rob(in) Bain/Bane (vocals/guitar), Frank Roper (bass) & Michael ‘Mick’ Pye (guitar/violin). Later ‘Chad’ went onto to play bass, a new drummer was found in the person of Steven and Gary entered as guitarist in stead of Mick (who left before their last tour, in 1990).

The editors of Uprising Decay were the above-mentioned Arnaud Huftier (also bassist of ‘Behind The Smile‘) and his mate Philippe Klur (both from the region of Valanciennes). They regularly visited shows in Belgium and we became friends. Both were also into literature (Arnaud is now assistent-professor at the University of Valenciennes, Phil was a French teacher in the U.K.). This 3rd issue was packed with interviews: ‘The Abs’, ‘Agathocles’, ‘Bambix’, ‘Excel’, ‘Long Cold Stare’, ‘The LookOuts’, ‘Mega City Four’, ‘Rise Above’, etc.; all in English. They did the next issue (U.D./Columbas Waz There) in French “as a guide for new French scenesters”…

Feed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3) aFeed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3) bFeed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3) cFeed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3) dFeed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3) eFeed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3) fFeed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3) gbelow is a report on the gig that Arnaud and his friends did in their region (90-05-05):

Feed Your Head (Uprising Decay #3) h

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