Laura ‘Synthesis’ W. (Never Again #1)

Somewhere in the second half in the 90s a person named ‘Albatross’ wrote me and ordered my zine. Turned out that she was an American living in London, U.K. (She became a British citizen in 2005.). We corresponded, met, went to concerts together and distributed each other’s zine. Laura W*** did Synthesis (zine, and distribution with the same name).

Laura is an intelligent person (studied sociology); an anarchist, feminist veganist, activist, straight-edge HC/punk. She’s interested in politics in general and was active with chidren’s rights. Professionally she has worked at a children’s charity. Nowadays she is involved in activism and campaigning including around equality, workplace rights and the independence of the not-for-profit sector from the private and state sectors.

She has also organised concerts, was involved in the organisation of a vegan café (Pogo Café in Hackney) & the autonomous centre ‘Emmaz’, and wrote a chapter in the book Sober Living For The Revolution (about political straight-edge), published by PM Press. She also has a blog.

This interview was done by Jordan Argirov, from Sofia, Bulgaria. The zine was probably a one-off. Jordan was also the drummer of ‘Forward’ & ‘HumanMask’. He visited me at one time.

Laura Wirtz (Never Again #1) aLaura Wirtz (Never Again #1) bLaura Wirtz (Never Again #1) c

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