So Much Hate (Sct. Peters Engle #5)

Sct. Peters Engle [Saint Peter’s Angels] was done by Marie Molin (from Højbjerg/Odense, Denmark). Her second issue was dubbed the first Danish zine in English (co-editor was Svend-Erik ‘Svenne’ Jepsen a.k.a. Wanker, R.I.P.). I never saw the first ones but #2 (February 1986) can be found on the www (Trondheim, Norway scene-report, various info, personal columns, reviews, interview with ‘Toxic Toys’, feature on the Danish band ‘Büld’). Here’s what I read about #3 (86?): “Punk zine with pieces on the Danish fanzine-scene, the Dutch zine Nieuwe Koekrand, interview with members of ‘Kafka Prosess’ and ‘Chumbawumba’, and more. The back cover has a statement that is critical of the Danish government for its treatment of Tamil refugees.”

I got a copy of #4 (published October ’86) most probably from Marie or her friend Anderz Nielsen (my mate ‘Duco’ -‘Hate Crew’ guitarist- was friends with both Anderz Nielsen and Marie – we visited them in the summer of ’86). This issue contains a talk with the Swedish band ‘Pöbel Möbel’, info on ‘N.O.T.A.’ (Tulsa, Oklahoma), a text by ‘Duco’ entitled From 1968 To 1986, an opinion on heavy metal, book-reviews, an interview with ‘Irha’ (Italy), Danish scene-report, etc.

Marie’s 5th issue (probably the last) came out as a split with Jakob Nielsen’s Sorte Rose #8 (titled Sorte Engle / Sct. Peters Rose) in July 1987. Not sure who did what exactly but the zine has quite some pictures (probably by Jakob: ‘Negazione’, ‘Artless’, ‘Kafka Prosess’, ‘GOD’, ‘Cólera’), a ‘split’ interview between Ian of Dischord recs and Dick of Bluurg recs, book-recommendations, the talk (below) Marie had with ‘So Much Hate’, etc.

Nowadays Marie works for an independent newspaper…

She interviewed ‘So Much Hate’ (from Oslo) in their early days (May 1987), shortly after Gunnar Nuven did the last gig of ‘Kafka Prosess’ (April 1987). He’d joined forces with ‘Bannlyst’s Børre Løvik (guitar), Per-Arne Haugen (bass) & Finn-Erik Tangen (drums); and was about to release their debut-LP (How We Feel). I saw this incredible band several times and (co-)organised 3 gigs for them (87-10-31, 88-04-29 & 89-03-25). I also published an interview with the band in Tilt! #4 (1988).

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