Abuso Sonoro (Cacho De Cabra #5)

Cacho De Cabra (“goat’s horn”, a hot pepper from Chili/Peru) was edited by Felipe P. from Santiago, Chile. This issue had zine-/record-reviews, interviews with Joao M. Da Silva Forttes – vocalist of ‘Redención 9-11’ (left-wing HC/punk band from Santiago, Chile), ‘Dios Hastío’ (Lima, Peru), ‘Abuso Sonoro’ & Maxi Bueno of Pinhead recs (Argentina), and articles … It was proably sent to me for review.

‘Abuso Sonoro’ was a HC/punk band from São Paulo (Brazil). At the time of this interview (1997, before the recordings for their Infância Armada split-LP), the band consisted of Elaine Campos (vocals; replacing Beto), Arilson (guitar/vocals), Angelo Bruno (bass), Rui Costa (guitar) & Juquinha (drums). Even though they played 4 gigs in Belgium during their European tour in autumn of 1998, I didn’t get to see them…

[Translation below; thx to David Del Rio for proof-reading]

I was fortunate to get a tape (Tortura, Nunca Mais!!!) that covers songs of ‘Abuso Sonoro’ edited in France, the U$, Japan, Brazil and eight live tracks. Listening to all that material increased my interest in the music and ideas of one of the rawest anarchist bands in Brazil. This mail-interview was with their bassist Angelo Bruno.

Since when does ‘Abuso Sonoro’ exist and who are the members now?

‘Abuso Sonoro’ exists since ‘93, the line-up has changed many times but now we are: Elaine (vocals), Arilson (guitar/vocals), Angelo (bass), Rui (guitar) and Juquinha (drums). This is our most recent line-up, very recently our singer Beto left the band…

Amongts the recordings I have – Tortura, Nunca Mais!!! [“torture, never again”] – there’s material that you have released in various parts of the world. Tell me about these experiences and why you decided to put everything together and do this tape?

Well, the experience of recording for many labels is very interesting, because our music is in all kinds of places now, many people (like you) can learn what we think and talk about with our music, and it’s good to know that what we do is erasing borders somehow. We decided to do that on a tape because it’s very cheap and also because so! we put a bit of material on a 60-minute tape. The tape is being distributed in many other countries; here in Brazil but two or more labels are doing the same, also in Japan and others.

How did the idea of doing covers of ‘Rattus’, ‘Força Macabra’, ‘Teervet Kädet’ and ‘Disrupt’ come about?

Well, we love all these songs, I think that’s why we recorded them. We always like Finnish bands ‘Teervet Kädet’ and others, we also like newer American bands like ‘’Disrupt’, ‘Detestation’, ‘State Of Fear’, etc. We’ve always recorded covers but we never talked about it, this was the first time we did it. Bands like ‘Teervet Kädet’ and ‘Rattus’ are of great importance for our scene, because many people were influenced by their music in the 1980s. The Brazilian HC has a lot of the Finnish HC, mainly the old bands and now in some newer ones.

You’re a band with a direct and clear message. How important are the anarchist and feminist ideologies within ‘Abuso Sonoro’?

The anarchist ideology is very important to us. We’re an anarchist band, we don’t just talk about it in our music as some people do, we try to live it in reality, we’re part of an anarchist group called U.L.B.S. (Uniâo Libertária da Baixada Santista [libertarian union of Baixada Santista, a metropolitan area on the coast of São Paulo state]), we’ve been involved in activities, workshops and demonstrations, against everything that oppresses us. Now we’re fighting for the life of Mumia Abu-Jamal (American political prisoner, sentenced to death, for a crime he hasn’t committed); we also support other struggles, such as the landless peasants; whenever possible we play benefit-concerts for farmers, in exchange for food or clothes, etc. It’s obvious that some people in the band are more active than the others, but we’re all anarchists and we believe in it. As for feminism: the band’s singer Elaine (my partner) does an anarcho-feminist newspaper called Libertarias, with another girl. We have songs that talk about the struggle of women to survive in society. We’re also anarcho-feminists – although the majority of the band is composed of men, we believe that the struggle of women is a valid one and that’s why we support it. We support all the oppressed; not only women, but also black people, indigenous people, homosexuals; as [Subcomandante] Marcos [military leader and spokesman of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation] says: “We will be where there is injustice.”.

We get a lot of news here about what happens in Brazil but it’s information manipulated by the press. I would like you to explain us your vision on two things: the mobilization of the landless peasants and the reality of the children who live in the streets of the big Brazilian cities.

Those are two well-known topics of everyone who lives here. On the mobilization of the landless I can say that the massacres continue, but now a little more undercover. The government is always distributing a bit of land (this year is an election-year). It’s good for the government to distribute some land to the farmers: in that way the press doesn’t spread bad things about the government. The landless keep fighting but a lot of political parties try to manipulate them with promises and gifts. Some without land are more rebellious and do not believe the government; they steal to live and when they’re hungry. There’s always invasion of lands, there’s a lot of land in the hands of the land-owners, there are always conflicts between the land-owners and the peasants, the land-owners have a group called U.D.R. (Uniéo Democrática Popular [Popular Democratic Union]). There’s nothing democratic about it, they are paramilitaries hired to kill peasants and end the invasions, they’re supported by a group called T.F.P. (Tradición, Familia y Propiedad [Tradition, Family and Property]). Sometimes the landless are a bit more insurgent but the police always ends up winning the fights, because they have a lot of weapons and the landless have none.

And the situation of the children living in the streets is the same as always: many get killed by the police or because they’re drug-addicts or because they live in the streets stealing. For the government, they don’t exist. They say there are only 4.000 in the whole country. But that’s a lie, they know there are many more, there are thousands in cities like São Paulo, a lot of times they’re sent to other cities so tthat they can say “We’re doing something, getting children from the streets. ”. When John-Paul II was here, the children were not seen in the streets; whenever an important person comes, children are transported to other cities or are forced to stay in places called F.E.B.E.M. ([Fundação Estadual para o Bem Estar do Menor; state foundation for child welfare]), which are like prisons for boys and children who commit crimes. Here, where I live, there aren’t a lot of children living in the streets, in most cases they’re older people, 30 or 40 years of age, who are unemployed or who are alcoholics. The misery is a lot bigger and the government does nothing to change that, but people also do nothing… Some children get help from people from a church or by people who have a kind heart, but that’s not very often.

Is there unity among the people of the punk, HC, metal scenes in Brazil?

Yes and no! There are a lot of people involved in the punk-scene and hey, here there are some differences when talking about the punk-scene, there are many scenes within that scene; there are anarcho-punx (the most political of the scene and are real anarchists), there are 77 punx (some say they’re anarchists but they don’t know what they are talking about, they just talk nonsense, are always fighting with gangs and others), there are also sXe (some are political, very few anarchists now, they have other concerns, most of them just care about music, they are very involved with veganism but they don’t do anything else). Others are more HC, some are anarchists, others political and others into it for fun, they want to make music for fun, they’re mostly unhappy. The metal-scene is very crowded with all of that, they have their own press, MTV (a lot of people who say they’re punx have videos on MTV, the singer of ‘Ratos De Porão’ works for MTV, he’s a bastard capitalist pig, who thinks he’s punk); some other fools now play in HC-bands, there are a lot of NY-HC bands, with a more metal sound but I don’t like that. In the past the metal-scene was closer to the HC-scene but there was never real contact with the punk-scene. There are many guys into death-metal and black-metal with fascist ideologies, some say they’re nazis and stupid as well. Also with MTV talking about HC/punk, a lot of people who played metal now do HC, it’s just a fad for them.

What’s the band upto these days and what are the plans for the future?

Well now we’re just practicing to record new material that will be released on LP/CD but we still don’t know when that will be. In December ‘97 we did some gigs with ‘Los Crudos’ (Chicago, USA); those were great. The people of ‘Los Crudos’ are excellent people, and are very political and active too. As for the future, I don’t know what to say, we think about touring Europe, in countries such as Germany and others, but nothing’s sure, we all have no money to do something as great as that, I hope we continue performing here and maybe do a tour of South-America.

Anything else to say to those who are going to read this interview?

Well, I would like to say thank you very much to all who read this. I would very much like to have more contact with people from Chile and other countries in South-America. I couldn’t go to the anarco-punk meeting in Uruguay, I would like to talk to people who were at the meeting or people who’re into anarchist ideology and crust.


To contact us write to: Angelo Bruno, Cx Postal 2098, Santos / SP, 11060-970 Brazil

e-mail: elephant@centersoft.com.br

Hail to those who fight!!! Down with the fascists!!! Anarchy now!!!

On the same address you can contact Inner Liberation [tape-label] and Elephant recs [HC/grind label] that he runs. Together with Esperanza Gravaciones he released the LP Resistência AnarcoPunk with tracks of ‘Pós Guerra’ [“post war”], ‘Metropolixo’ (RIP), ‘Discarga Violenta’ [“violent discharge”] and ‘Lixo Urban’ [“urban waste”].

Esperanza Gravaciones [record-label]: Postal 22542, Sao Paulo / SP, 04799-970 Brazil

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