Visions Of Change (Future Now! #1)

When Future Now! got out in 1987, it was a very untypical HC/punk zine (glossy cover and print, editorial ‘staff’ and a bunch of contributors in stead of one person doin’ cut’n’paste, national in stead of local approach)… Guess the times weren’t right for it yet as it remained a one-off. The majority of people involved were from the Nottingham scene: Trevor Read, John March & Kalv(in) Piper (‘Heresy’), Paul Watson, Amanda Newham, Martin Nesbitt, Jenny Peers/Plaits, etc. It contained a report of a ’round-table’ conversation, columns, interviews (see cover below), reviews and (skate-)photos, an Amsterdam scene-report (by Edwin Feenstra); and for you collectors: a flexi with unreleased material…

The interview here was conducted by John March with singer Ian Murphy and drummer Paul ‘Gigs’ McGivern of ‘V.O.C.’ right after their transition from the ‘Depraved’. Them and Lee (Ian’s brother; guitar) & Spencer Hunt (bass; later replaced by Kevin Webb) wanted to move away from their ‘punky’ style to a more ‘HC’ type band…

Visions Of Change (Future Now! #1) aVisions Of Change (Future Now! #1) bVisions Of Change (Future Now! #1) c

VOC - Future Now! #1 covercover (photo by Darren Leech)

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