Hippycore’s Jack & Joel (Tunga Tunga #6)

This in an interview with Jack Kahn & Joel Olson (Mesa, Arizona) who used to do Hippycore (a fanzine, but they also expanded their activities to distribution, releasing vinyl and publishing – the Soy Not Oi booklet e.g.). These guys learned me so much about D.I.Y., veg(eteri)anism, gender-roles, etc. I had the chance to meet them both: Joel in ’93 -he’d moved to Minneapolis- when he was touring with his banned ‘Pissed’; and Jack when travelling through Europe in ’96 (studying in Buffalo at that time)…

Tunga Tunga was done by Louanne Voskans from Mississauga, Ontario (Canada). I can ‘t remember how I got this; perhaps from friends in the Toronto area… She started up a record-store called Full Blast around ’95 and and a new zine that was more garage-punk in content around ’93…

Jack'n'Joel Hippycore (TungaTunga #6) aJack'n'Joel Hippycore (TungaTunga #6) bJack'n'Joel Hippycore (TungaTunga #6) cJack'n'Joel Hippycore (TungaTunga #6) x

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One Response to Hippycore’s Jack & Joel (Tunga Tunga #6)

  1. I worked at Full Blast, which opened in November 1995 and closed in November 2000. Louanne is still a good friend.

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