SM-70 (Go! #4)

Adam Johnston from Glasgow was the editor of Go! fanzine. He was also the vocalist of ‘Headstart’, a band playing fast HC. We corresponded, swapped zines and I distributed his. A nice guy with a love for fast/thrashy hardcore, a weird/silly sense of humour and a down-to-earth attitude of not taking himself or anyone too serious. I never got to see his first issue (with ‘Inhuman Conditions’, ‘Psycho Sin’, ‘Filhty Christians’ & ‘Satanic Malfunctions’). The other zines contained scene-reports, articles/colums, reviews and a bunch of bands (to name but a few: ‘Active Minds’, ‘Totalitär’ in #2; ‘Three Ring Psychosis’ in #3; ‘Go!’, ‘Makhnovcina’ in #4). #5 was announced (with ‘Seein’Red’, ‘Citizens Arrest’, ‘HHH’ and yours truly) but I believe Adam quit doing the zine then…

Carsten Kissler (drums; later ‘Pink Flamingos’, ‘Stalker’, etc.), Jens Walter (bass; later ‘Pink Flamingos’, founded Thought Crime recs in ’95), Lars (vocals; later ‘Pink Flamingos’) & ‘Skinny’ (guitar) were the guys playing for the Berliner band ‘SM-70’. Their music was labeled fastcore or thrashcore; and some compared them with ‘Septic Death’, ‘Ripcord’, ‘Siege’ & ‘Deep Wound’… At the time of this interview (right after the fall of the Berlin wall) they had done a demo and there were 3 7”s out: Über Dem Jenseits ‎(Lanzelot recs, ’87), a split with ‘Satanic Malfunctions’ ‎(Lanzelot recs, ’88) & Krank ‎(on Keule Sternkicker’s label Rødel recs, ’89). Later the Cabuk! Cabuk! 7” (with tracks recorded at AK-47, Düsseldorf, April ’90) was released on Michael ‘Micha’ Meyer’s label Farewell recs (’91). Nowadays Lars is in ‘Nuclear Cult’ and Carsten plays in ‘Crack Under Pressure’.



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