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What Made You Punk? (Slaughtered Trees And Toxic Ink #4)

My Swiss pen-pal Pablo (drummer of the anarcho-punk bands ‘Brains Of Humans’ – a follow-up to ‘The Decay’ – and later ‘Earth Citizens’) already did a zine (with his mate Fritze) in the late 80s: Alternative. (Actually he also helped … Continue reading

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Courage (Th’Outsider #2)

Rich(ard) Ristow was a U.S. teenager living in The Netherlands (military base in the Utrecht/Amersfoort area) at the time (early 90s), when he did 3 issues of this zine. His brother Paul played guitar in the band ‘Factory Rejects’ (formerly … Continue reading

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Extreme Noise Terror (45 Convulsions Per Minute)

45 Convulsions Per Minute was done by Myke Worthington (from Bolton). Later he became and still is the vocalist for ‘Vitriolic Reponse’ & ‘Better Reality’ (as ‘Neurotic Myke’). He also does an online zine named You Are Fucker. The cover … Continue reading

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Propagandhi (Gasoline And Fire #1)

The first issue of this zine – edited by Tim Habraken (Eindhoven) – was a contribution by my pal Tijs S. It contains interviews with ’97a’, ‘True Blue’, ‘Bloodpact’, ‘Boys Sets Fire’, ‘Propagandhi’ & Pytrik Schafraad of It’s Raining Truths … Continue reading

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Rat Patrol (Guérilla Urbaine #8)

“no one is my equal, my thoughts are not their thoughts” – Max Stirner (German philosopher) Guérilla Urbaine was a zine done by Raf ‘DIY’ (from Terrasson), the guitarist of ‘Attentat Sonore‘ (Limoges). The first issue got out in 1988 … Continue reading

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