Betray (Vengeance #2)

‘Betray’ were the descendents of the Ducth punk-band ‘Behind The Dikes’ (that had played Belgium a few times): Casper Kraima (singer), Marc Hanou (bassplayer) and Marco Somers (guitarist) of ‘B.T.D.’ had teamed up with a new guitarist (Paul Van Der Vlist) and Marco played drums now. They became even more political and some of them had turned SxE. They did a 7″ on Crucial Response recs and tour in the U.K. (with ‘Nations On Fire’).

Andreas Grüter (the editor of Vengeance) was an energetic skating/thrashing/slamming but friendly guy from the German Ruhrpott area, that we regularly saw at gigs in Belgium. We’d become correspondents/mates and it was only natural that I distributed (which was, I think) his first zine…

Betray (Vengeance #2) aBetray (Vengeance #2) bBetray (Vengeance #2) cBetray (Vengeance #2) dBetray

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