Christine Boarts (Riot #6)

It was always a pleasure to recieve a parcel full of new copies of Slug And Lettuce, the paper that Christine Boarts did. There was loads of scene-related stuff to read, aswell as various insightful personal/political (guest)columns, loads of classifieds and reviews. And of course there was the professional photography of the editor! The zine was free because of the payed ads (something we agreed to disagree about). I also admired her for trying to be self-sufficient (growing her on veggies) and raising a kid the punk way… And if I had known about her generous smile back then, I would have loved her even more 😉

Chris put a selection of her work on the www:

Riot was an excellent fanzine with great lay-out done by Joe Powell from Shrewsbury.


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2 Responses to Christine Boarts (Riot #6)

  1. Henk Loobuyck says:

    Slug & Lettuce was always fun reading! I liked the artwork especially!!!
    It was very inspiring for an ‘eco punk’ as myself …

  2. Luc A. says:

    I miss Riot, one of my favorite zines of all times. Great contents and the best layout ever. I still have most issues and the original T-shirt!

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