No Way Out (Full Stop #2)

The editor of this fanzine was Barry (Moody?), a straight-edger from Huddersfield (UK). I probably got this issue for review/possible distribution or bought it from another distro… It mostly contained bands and reviews. #1: Gorilla Biscuits, Think Twice, Steadfast. #2: Oi Polloi, No Way Out, Crivits, Headfirst (USA), Vic Reeves (British comedian). #3: Majority Of One, Betray, Quicksand, Shutdown. #4: Green Day, Goober Patrol.

‘No Way Out’ (Huddersfield/Bradford) played at the Vort’n Vis on 90-08-25. It was the band of Nick Royles (after he’d been in the initial line-up of ‘Sore Throat’ and before many other sXe bands he was in). They labelled themselves as a straight-edge band. At the time I saw them live, Nick played drums, Percy did vocals, Andy/Andrew ‘Bez’ Berry (later in ‘Neckbrace’) was the bassist & Russ Chowdhury the guitarist… Heath Crosby was the first singer and sang on their demo. This interview was done when he’d left and they had 2 new members (Richard ‘Ronnie’ on bass & Percy on vocals) – ‘Bez’ moved to onto second guitar…


Some friends used to call me ‘Ronnie’ around that time. But I don’t believe I played live or anything, we went on to form ‘Nailbomb‘…

Richard Corbridge


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