Yuppiecrusher (Strongly Opposed #1)

(Ou)Rania Giakoumaki did this zine while studying at the University of Wolverhampton but she was from Athens. I got to know her because she was a friend of Swiss’ zinester Pablo (Resistance Productions/Strongly Opposed recs). She also sang for ‘Umbrella Tribe’, a ‘project’ band based in Switzerland but with an international line-up (e.g. Joakim Bergman from Sweden, Pablo & Pille from Switzerland, etc.). In her #1 (1997) there were interviews with ‘Active Minds’, ‘Battle Of Disarm’, ‘Disclose’ & ‘Yuppiecrusher’, plus a bunch of columns (e.g. Athen’s uglyness, fences & borders, exploitation, ecucating children, …). I can’t remember having seen #2 but Rania tells me it featured ‘Hibernation’ (Greece), ‘The Chineapple Punx’ (UK) & ‘Rashit’ (Turkey); and had bits on growing older, isolation in big cities and burning of Greek forests.

‘Yuppiecrusher’ (from Enköping, Sweden) played fast and catchy hardcore/punk with political lyrics. It was the band of a correspondent of mine, Joakim ‘Jocke’ Bergman (Am I Punk Yet? zine). He did guitar/vocals; the others were Henrik Boman (bass/vocals) and Andreas Jansson (drums; later replaced by Jimmy Lindbergh). ‘Jocke’ played in several bands the following years (e.g. ‘Scumbrigade’, ‘Unkind’, ‘Diaspora’, ‘War Of Words’), and did the label Witchhunt (when he’d moved to Finland).


‘War Of Words’ was my last band in Finland. We’re inactive, but not officially broken up, I guess. We played Puntala Rock only 2 years ago. But haven’t played since.



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