Iconoclast (Speak So That I May See You #3)

During the summer of 1994 the American emo-HC band ‘Iconoclast’ were touring Europe. I saw them twice (94-08-14 in Herentals, 94-08-21 in Ieper). Nice fellows, smart, caring, supportive of the DIY ideology and playing great music. Their guitarist Kevin Sabarese ran the label Old Glory recs, of which I distributed some releases. Besides Kevin S. the band, from New Jersey, consisted of: Dan Roberts (guitar), Ian White Williams (vocals; a bit after this interview he was replaced by ‘Merel’s singer José Juan Ruiz because he had to go home to prepare for college), Kevin Kajetzke (drums) and Pat Kelsey (bass). They broke up a few months after this tour. Afterwards Kevin K. hung out in Belgium for a while… I planned an interview for my zine Tilt! but for a reason I can’t remember that didn’t work out…

Marco Walzel was a kid from München, Bavaria (a friend of my fellow Vort’n Vis shitworker Joeri Hoste) that I met at the V.V. Joeri was distributing his zine (of which this was the one and only issue I saw). Later on Marco was in a few HC bands (‘Nothing Left To Grasp’, ‘My Hero Died Today’, ‘Paint The Town Red’ & ‘Deathspirit’), ran a label (Join The Team Player recs) and nowadays is involved with the agency Avocado Booking.

He interviewed ‘Iconoclast’ for the 3rd issue of his fanzine while following the band on tour. It was more a conversation where some friends were also present: Bernd Bohrmann (of Equality recs; who organised the tour and was the driver) and Joeri H. There was also an interview with 3 label-guys (Jeroen Lauwers of Machination recs, Marko Raboldt of Emotion X & Holger Ohst of Love), some columns/political bits and photos.

Iconoclast (Speak STIMSY #3) aIconoclast (Speak STIMSY #3) bIconoclast (Speak STIMSY #3) cIconoclast (Speak STIMSY #3) d

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