Kismet H.C. (Actions Of Rebirth #3)

In the early 90s I corresponded with Vasilis ‘Bill’ Babouris from Athens, the editor of this zine (also the drummer of ‘Industrial Suicide’ and ‘Negative Stance’, a band of the scene around the Villa Amalia squat). He did his first issue in 1989; it contained a Greek scene-report, interviews with ‘Axegrinder’, ‘Bolt Thrower’, ‘Exit-13’, ‘Spermbirds’, etc.; articles on animal rights, fantastic film, theatre of the absurd; plus reviews (music/fims/books). I have no idea about the contents of #2. I believe the third issue (1991) was his last one (interviews with someone from the Punk Parents Collective and with zinester/graphic artist Mike Diana, articles on cyberpunk, flag-burning, etc.). Nowadays Bill’s a translator, teacher and author…

Bill’s band (‘Negative Stance’) released a split-LP with the British ‘Kismet H.C.‘ in 1990, hence the interview in his zine (I presume). The people in the band (from Stoke-On-Trent) at that time were Steve ‘D-fekt’ ‘Stephan Pan’ (drums; also ‘Vitriolic Response’), ‘Scraggy’ Dave (guitar/vocals; also Vivify recs), ‘Fluff’ (bass; later ‘Yan Tree’ Jan Shaw) & ‘Sorren’ (vocals; later Zanne). Their music was described as anarcho HC/thrash (references to ‘Amebix’, ‘Antisect’, ‘Rudimentary Peni’ were made; I was thinking of ‘Flux Of Pink Indians’)…

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