Downcast (Positron #2)

I’d gotten to know ‘Downcast’, a political band from the Santa Barbara (California) area, through Kent McClard (No Answers/HeartCore editor; and Ebullition recs). They were playing “powerful HC with enraged vocals” (as I reviewed their LP in my zine Tilt! #7); their lyrics were “accompanied by lengthy explanations by each band-member” and “a delight for the brain”. I helped distribute their 7” and an LP (both self-titled, ’90 & ‘91) that Kent put out and got to see them live at the Vort’n Vis autonomous centre (92-10-04). Consisting the core of the band were Brent Stephens (guitar), Kevin Doss (vocals) & Dave McClure (bass), with a few different drummers.

I’m not sure how I got introcued to Positron but a good guess would be: Vique ‘Simba’. I have #2 (‘Desiderata’, ‘Worlds Collide’, Sam McPheeters, …) and #3 (‘Spitboy’, …). The guy who wrote it is Sean Capone (at first in Texas, then Chicago). In #2 he wrote a piece about being gay & SxE, and gradually came out publicly and wrote about being ‘queer’ in the hardcore scene, gender-roles, etc. Some adjectives from my review in Tilt! #8: ‘highly intelligent’, ‘inspiring’, ‘brilliant’ … He also photographed quite a few bands (PositronPunkPix). Nowadays Sean resides in NYC and is an artist (video, animation, digital projection).

Downcast (Positron #2) aDowncast (Positron #2) bDowncast (Positron #2) cDowncast (Positron #2) dDowncast (Positron #2) eDowncast (Positron #2) fDowncast (Positron #2) gDowncast (Positron #2) h

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2 Responses to Downcast (Positron #2)

  1. Rheuben X says:

    Reblogged it…
    Amazing article. I remember this zine. Thanks for republishing.

  2. Christophe M. (Stonehenge recs) says:

    Of course that band changed a lot of things regarding my views on hardcore/punk. I don’t listen to them very much nowadays but certain pieces are still engraved in my head…

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