Swing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7)

John Brady (bass), Justin Pearson (vocals), José Palafox (drums) and Eric Allen (guitar) were the ‘Swing Kids’ (named after resisting youngsters in Nazi Germany). They were from San Diego and played emotional HC. The latter 3 had been in ‘Struggle’. Eric Allen was also in the SxE band ‘Unbroken’; he took his own life in 1998. Justin runs the Three One G (31G) label, that released most of their material. During their 1996 European tour they also played a show at the Hardcore, The Next Generation festival in the Vort’n Vis (Ieper, Bel) and one in Dunkerque (DK), France (where this interview was done). Justin came back later with ‘The Locust’.

The people interviewing them were Cathy Bennett and Rudy ‘Rudee’ Penando, who were a couple at that time. Cathy’s a warm-hearted American that lived in Belgium and France for a while, and now resides in Guatemala. Rudy’s the brother of ‘Six Feet Over’s guitarist Karl and has a thing with graphics. Nowadays he runs a vegan shop in London (Vx shop). Both were regulars at the Vort’n Vis concerts. Cathy gave parts of the zine a touch of spiritualism/occultism. Rudy had a weird sense of humour (that gave me an itch by times)… Other bands in this issue were ‘Los Crudos’ and ‘Undone’.

Swing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7) aSwing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7) bSwing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7) cSwing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7) dSwing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7) eSwing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7) fSwing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7) g

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