Bedrövlerz (Distad #2)

Two guys of the band ‘Asocial’ – ‘Kungen’ Håkan Aspnäs (drums) & Mats ‘Svenne’ Svensson (guitar), both living in Hedemora (Sweden) – did this zine. They also ran a tape-label called Dis-Tapes. For those wo speak Swedish: their first two issues can be downloaded on Bands featured: ‘Subhumans’, ‘Missbrukarna’, ‘Kramp’, ‘The Krixhjälters’, ‘Terror Pop’ (#1, 1984) – ‘The Varukers’, ‘Skam’, ‘Chaotic Dischord’, ‘K.I.K.’ a.k.a. ‘Kurt I Kuvös’, ‘Mob 47’, (the) ‘Bedrövlerz’, ‘Crude S.S.’, ‘D.N.A.’ (#2, 1984).


Distad started as so many other zines I guess. It was a natural progress when playing in two bands: ‘Distrust’ and ‘Asocial’. I started it and Mats (also ‘Asocial’) helped out and we could get it printed at Mats’ work. Loved doing interviews with bands that we liked. Most of the times via mail. Loved putting together the layout, not as easy then as today héhé. There were just 2 issues (but I also did, with another friend, 1 issue of Antichrist). The name is short for “distortion” in Swedish.

Håkan Aspnäs

(The) Bedrövlerz/Bedrövlers (“miserables”; from Fagersta, Sweden) were Fredrik ‘Fredda Frivolt’ Brickman (guitar/vocals), ‘Hängpung’ [hanging scrotum] Håkan Stadin (drums; R.I.P. => Marko Vuorinen) & Micke ‘Bedrövlig’ (Mikael Krigge, bass). ‘Fredda’ did Ayatollah fanzine with Peter Ahlqvist of Uproar recs/Burning Heart recs. The band had a split-tape with ‘Asocial’ entitled How Could Hardcore Be Any Worse? Vol. 1 (Uproar recs 1984). They also appeared on the compilation-LP The Vikings Are Coming (Uproar recs 1985), the 24 Love Songs compilation-tape (Smurfpunk ’85), the compilation-tape Tapes With Danger Vol 1 (’86) and on Holger Schmidt’s compilation-tape A Short Commercial Break (’86). “Thrashy hardcore, influenced by Mob 47, D.R.I, Lärm, Siege, Rapt, Anti-Cimex”…

[Translation below; thanks to Håkan Aspnäs]

Bedrövlerz was formed half a year ago [1984]. Then the line-up was Fredda, Håkan and Micke. Håkan [‘Hocke’ Stadin] then left to start playing drums in ‘Crude S.S.’, then Micke moved to drums and they brought in Dick [‘Kerre’ Karlsson] on bass, but also Dick preferred to play in ‘Crude S.S.’. Then Markko joined on bass. (But soon they stole him too (note: joke). Current members are: Fredda Frivolt – guitar, vocals; Micke B. Drövlig – drums, ‘Markko Mörker’ [Marko Vuorinen] – bass. They have had 5 gigs, three in Hedemora, one in Norberg and one in Fagersta, but they also have some gigs planned for Stockholm and also in Helsingborg.

Over to the questions: answered by all members.

This first question is to Fredda.

Tell us a bit about ‘Avlopp 69’, you were anti-‘Crass’ but what about now?

Avlopp 69’ [Sewer 69] was my first band and we were very inspired by the Oi-scene at that time and everyone in Fagersta & Norberg kept on with the anti-‘Crass’-thing, which we also went for at first but we thought about it and no one is worse than those who can’t change. I have read through most of the ‘Crass’ lyrics and several of them are damn good. The music may well be a bit monotonous at times. But after all, the lyrics are much more important. Though, it’s not possible to compare ‘Avlopp 69’ and ‘Bedrövlerz’. There are two completely different bands and ‘Bedrövlerz’ are not against ‘Crass’.

Tell us a bit about the tape you did with ‘Asocial’?

We chose to record a tape together with ‘Asocial’ because we like ‘Asocial’ and are long-time friends with them. The tape contains 22 songs (and is called How Could Hardcore Be Any Worse?) Which is a bit ironic, since many songs are fast punk and this tape is super fast. Especially ‘Asocial’. It has received very good reviews in Maximum Rock’n’Roll (USA).

What is a good lyric to you?

Good lyrics should make the listeners react, make them comfortable, get them angry, laugh or whatever. They should provoke a reaction from the listener. We find that many of today’s punk lyrics are repetitions of bands like ‘Discharge’, for example ‘Anti-Cimex’. It’s better to try to make your own original lyrics than to copy others. A good lyric often has an important and an actual message, which is often found in punk. But also bands/people like Mikael Wiehe [Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer], Bob Dylan and John Lennon write/wrote very good lyrics.

Will you release more tapes or records soon?

Yes, we will soon record an EP with ‘Fear Of War’. It should contain about 8-10 songs and it should be cheap. We will have both Swedish and English lyrics to go with it. In addition, Uproar records & tapes, that we collaborate with, will do a compilation-album after our and the ‘Crude S.S.’ EPs.

Drugs, what do you think of those?

We don’t like drugs and we also count cannabis as a drug. We hate the drugdealers that get rich on the misfortume of others. We don’t like alcohol when it’s abused but can tolerate it for those that can handle it, not the abusers.

What do you do in your free time (when you don’t drink beer)?

We don’t drink as much as before due to changed attitudes. In our spare time we rehearse, write lyrics, meet up with mates, think, work on 6 Pack (a fanzine), ride our skateboards, go to peace-meetings, help other bands, Micke and Markko go to school but I (Fredda) am unemployed and off to do weapons-free military duty in October.

Influences, do you have any?

Influences? We’re influenced by all kinds of punk bands with good lyrics. But we’re not that shortsighted that we pretend to be something else, because we don’t. Those who listen to our music usually think that we’re listening to American bands since we play so fast, but that’s because we get out our aggression better that way. If that would be the case, this would mean that lyrics aren’t as important as the music but that’s not the case; and for that very reason we have made some calmer songs.

Political positions?

Markko: The centre-party is the best, says mom. No, jokes aside, I’m not voting for any party. I have my thoughts and ideas, but I don’t care if they are represented by any particular party. But I think politicians lie a lot, they make big promises before the election but afterwards they say something different.

Mikael: I’m not familiar with politics so I’m not interested, the little I know is that it’s a lot of false promises of more jobs and that everything will get better.

Fredda: I don’t want to take a political stand because I have problems with all party’s political programs. There are also some good things but more are bad. I’ve got some anarchist thoughts and ideas but I don’t call myself an anarchist because it’s a label. And I don’t like labels. But in order for anarchy to work, man must first change himself.


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