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Ear Damage (Peace Or Annihilation #10)

When ‘Zyklome-A’ had to split up, bassist Marc and drummer ‘Bie’ teamed up with Dirk (bassist of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’). I saw them play many times (sometimes sharing a bill) and they became mates. Nice guys and great musicians… They went on … Continue reading

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Active Minds (Direct Hit #1)

After Mel Hughes (from Ulster) quit with No Barcodes Necessary (mentioned elsewhere), he started doing Direct Hit (with a lot less ads but the same decent interviewing). Seems like he interviewed a lot of people that I wanted to have … Continue reading

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Disaffect (Attitude Problem #26)

No HC/punk overview would be complete without mentioning ‘Disaffect’. This friendly bunch of Glaswegians rejoiced us with their music several times. It was always a pleasure meeting them and I guess I can still call some of them mates… This … Continue reading

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Catharsis (Ugly Duckling #2)

Lieve Goemaere, a young woman from the Vort’n Vis (H8000) scene that studied moral science at my city’s university introduced me more or less to ‘Catharsis’, who were her friends. The singer (Brian D. of the CrimethInc collective in Atlanta; … Continue reading

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Man Lifting Banner ([The Great] Enoch #1)

In these neoliberal times, where labourers and middle-class are lullabied into mindless consumerism, one is happy that there’s still bands to whom revolution, socialism, class-struggle, solidarity, etc. aren’t hollow terms. After the demise of ‘Seein’Red’, the Van den Berg bros. … Continue reading

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Spitboy (Simba #2)

An interview that Vique Martin did with the outspoken women of ‘Spitboy’. Vique’s zine dealed with egalitarianism on many levels (feminism, animal-rights, etc.). I admired her intellect and courage so it was only obvious to help distribute her writings. In … Continue reading

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