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Endless Struggle (Puro Pinche Ruido #3)

Puro Pinche Ruido (meaning “pure fuckin’ noise”) was a collaborative effort by ‘Warpig’ Roberto Muñoz López (drummer of ‘Atoxxxico’), ‘T.B.’ Miguel Angel Cortés (‘Atoxxxico’ guitarist; he also covered the Mexican scene for MaximumRock’n’Roll) a.k.a. Thrasher & ‘G.C.’ Jesús Jiménez Martínez. … Continue reading

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Nula (Make A Change #3)

Vedran Močibob & Siniša Družeta from Pazin (on the peninsula of Istria, Croatia) did this zine. They were the bassist and guitarist of the band ‘My Life / My Dreams’ (of which I obtained the first demo). I believe Vedran … Continue reading

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Inferno (Anti-Trust #1)

This publication is part of Dirk Ceustermans’ collection. The review in his zine mentions Stefan Neuber from Kaarst (Düsseldorf area) as the editor of Anti-Trust. The editorial (see below) tells us why he did it and why it was probaly … Continue reading

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Culture Shock (R.O.T. #3)

R.O.T. was a fanzine from Eastborne/Brighton edited by ‘Herbs’ Ruben Vine (a.k.a. Glenda) & ‘Smiff’ Steve Smith. They did 3 issues but the the 4th was just ‘Herbs’. Each issue was given another name: Rock On Thatcher (#1) – Reasons … Continue reading

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