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Yuppicide (Zips & Chains #9)

The main man of Zips & Chains was Dario Adamic (a.k.a. Adam). He’s originally from Split (at that time in Yugoslavia, nowadays Croatia) but I got to know him when he started studying in Rome (early 90s). I believe we … Continue reading

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Swing Kids (Straight Outta DK #7)

John Brady (bass), Justin Pearson (vocals), José Palafox (drums) and Eric Allen (guitar) were the ‘Swing Kids’ (named after resisting youngsters in Nazi Germany). They were from San Diego and played emotional HC. The latter 3 had been in ‘Struggle’. … Continue reading

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S.N.F.U. (M-Extäz #9)

M-Extäz was a zine from Paris (Neuilly-Plaisance) done by Jean(not) Chaperon, the drummer of ‘Razzle Dazzle’ and ‘M.S.T.’. We corresponded and exhanged zines, and in February ’89 I set up a tour for his band (‘M.S.T.’, together with fellow-parisians ‘Smegmatics’). … Continue reading

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