Rorschach (Dear Jesus #38)

Sam McPheeters (‘Born Against’ vocalist) interviewing ‘Rorschach’  (from New Jersey) in their early days (a few months after they recorded for the Remain Sedate LP that Sam put out on his label Vermiform). This transcript of the chat (where other NY scenesters were present) gives an insight of the scene around ABC No Rio of that time and is exemplary of the fact that Sam didn’t shy way from being controversial …

This issue of Dear Jesus came with a free ‘Rorschach’/’Neanderthal’ split-7″ (probably their first recordings, Summer of 1990).

Rorschach (Dear Jesus #38) aRorschach (Dear Jesus #38) bRorschach (Dear Jesus #38) cRorschach (Dear Jesus #38) dRorschach (Dear Jesus #38) e————————-

ABC No Rio

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