Bugeyed (You’re So Hideous #3)

In the early ’90s Ben ‘Sik-o-War’ left Leeds and moved to London (121 Railton Rd squat in Brixton). He changed the name of his zine (Raising Hell) into You’re So Hideous. The zine had many similarities (style, DIY cut’n’paste layout, etc.) with Raising Hell. “Punk to the bone.”… I believe The Pizza, Beer + Guns issue (late 1991-early ’92) was the first issue; it included a ‘Dawson’ interview, ‘Poison Idea’, more squatting, etc. There was also an issue titled the Pizza, Cider & Robots issue (late ’92), that featured ‘M.D.C.’, ‘One By One’, info on squatters (Belgium, London) and “loads of angry political ranting”. The issue titled Crazy Boredom Insect Annihilation (’93) had interviews with ‘Bugeyed’ and ‘Fleas & Lice’, info on squatting, the Belfast Community Youth & Community Group, etc. I’ve never seen the The Gangster Vomit Technology issue (’94?): it contained an interview with ‘Armatage Shanks’, comics, reviews, stories, etc. And I read somewhere there was another (last? #5?) one (produced from Australia) that featured ‘Human Error’, ‘Mutiny’, ‘H-Block’, Melbourne squats, the Spiral Objective label/distro from Australia and a New-Zealand travel-report.

‘Bugeyed’ (from Leeds) played (as described in Tilt! #7) “Noisy and heavy HC loaded with angry power.”. I also wrote: “Devilish! It brings out the bad in people.”. For those who want comparisons; I read somewhere: “‘Venom’ meets ‘Black Flag’; down-tuned, sloppy, negative punk rock”. The band consisted of: Andrew ‘Monkey’ Clark-Monks (guitar), Paul ‘Pig Havoc/Havok’ Clarke (vocals) – both ex ‘Pleasant Valley Children’, Sarah Smith (bass; ex ‘Generic’ & ‘P.V.C.’) and Brian Talbot (drums; also ‘Doom’, etc.). Eric ‘Rich’ Rucker played 2nd guitar on the recordings of their demo (1992) and their album (Monsters Rule My World, LP out on Karl Horton’s label Words Of Warning). I saw them live at a show in the autonomous centre Vort’n Vis: 93-05-01

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