Oi Polloi (Persons Unknown #2)

There haven’t been that many zines from Luxemburg. Persons Unknown – done by 2 smart/caring people (and I believe I can say ‘friends’): Michèle Marnach & (her partner at that time) Brego – is probably the only one I read and distributed. There’s a post from their first issue but the second ish deserves one too. This one contains interesting columns (about body-image/beauty-myth, domestic violence and more), reviews (e.g. about the Vort’n Vis 1995 Leed festival) and intelligent interviews (‘D’Rotzbouwen’, tattoo-artists and the one here with ‘Oi Polloi’).

‘Oi Polloi’ is one of the longest lasting punk-bands (having started in the early 80s). This talk took place during their (“This Is Not Amerikka”) tour with the Portugese bands ‘Inkisiçao’ & ‘X-Acto’ (Sep ‘94). The line-up at that time was vocalist Deek Allen (original member), guitarist Matt Finch, drummer Chris ‘Wheelie’ Willsher and bassist ‘Clive’ (Calum Mackenzie). There’s some typical ‘Oi Polloi’ subjects covered (Stonehenge, Scottisch independence) but also other things… Serious things brought with humor.

Oi Polloi (Persons Unknown #2) aOi Polloi (Persons Unknown #2) bOi Polloi (Persons Unknown #2) cOi Polloi (Persons Unknown #2) dOi Polloi (Persons Unknown #2) e

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