Sam McPheeters (Seen Not Heard #1)

Mel(anie) Gauthier, from Toronto (Canada), spent time with people from the European HC-scene in the early 90s but I think I got this from another fellow zinester… I only know of this one issue of her zine Seen Not Heard. She interviewed a bunch of scenesters such as David Mandel (Indecision zine & recs), Al Quint (Suburban Voice zine), Kent McClard (No Answers zine), Daisy Rooks (Not Even zine), etc. MellyXMel’s focus was on straight-edge, veganism and animal-rights.

Another person she did a brief interview with was Sam McPheeters who’s zine Dear Jesus I’d gotten to know through my friends from the NYC HC scene. We would also meet when he toured Europe with his band ‘Born Against’ in 1992. The following years I distributed some of his zines (D.J., Error, I Yeast Roll) and records from his label Vermiform recs. After a period in Richmond (Virginia) Sam moved to California. He authored a couple of books and has written for bigger magazines (HC/punk and other). Hopefully he’s keeping up his sarcasm and uncompromising attitude…

- Sam McPheeters (Seen Not Heard #1)

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