Man In The Shadow (Warhead #14)

Goran Ivanovic, the editor of Warhead, was originally from Pozega, Croatia (ex Yugoslavia) but this issue was done when he was studying (political studies) in Ljubljana, Slovenia; in 1997. I believe this is the last issue of “Croatia’s oldest anarchist punk zine”. Goran was very much into DIY and also reported about political issues. He also did radio-shows – Subway-MIG 31 (HC/punk) & Black Hole (libertarian radio) – on Ljubljana’s Radio Student (nowadays he does a punk radio-show called Subway). Professionally he’s been working as a journalist: at the beginning of the century for the BBC in London and nowadays as a correpsondent for a Slovenian news-agency. He was also the vocalist of ‘Apatridi’, a “punkanarchocore” band formed in 1989, that self-released their album Antipolitika in 1996 (which I helped distribute). These toured in our area in 1999 and split up in 2002.

Warhead #14‘Man In The Shadow’, from Solkan/Nova Gorica (Slovenia), played emotional and political HC (“anarcho-emo”). In ’97 they did a self-titled 7” on Dejan Pozegar’s Jay-Walk (label from Maribor) and in ’99 they put out the Pax Americana 7” (their 2nd, on their own Choose Life recs; later also a complete discography on CD). The band (that played at the Vort’n Vis 99-10-31) consisted of vocalist Marko & guitarist Miran Rusjan (later in ‘Analena’), Nenad Kostadinovski (drums) and Valter Cijan (bass). The brothers did 13.Brat zine…

Man In The Shadow (Warhead #14, Goran Ivanovic 97)

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