President Fetch (Rise Or Fall? #2)

I have the first 2 copies of Rise Or Fall? Can ‘t remember how I obtained them; I do recall I went on a search to find the editor when I passed through Santa Cruz in ’89. Turned out that he (David Hirt) had moved to Santa Rosa… I liked the zine: a good mix of political stuff and decent interviews.

This one here is with my Danish mate Anderz Nielsen, who was (still is) in the band ‘President Fetch’. I met Anderz for the first time in ’86 when I visited him (together with my pal Duco ‘Hate Crew’) in Kopenhagen. He gave us a place to sleep, showed us around town and took us to the squatted autonomous centre Ungdomshuset (‘house of the youth’) where he organised gigs. While still in his hometown Anderz did a fanzine called Alles Krig Mod Alle (Everyone’s War on Everyone) and started the tape-label (that evolved into a distribution) Boston Tea Party. He also played guitar for ‘Enola Gay’ & ‘Misanthropic Charity’, and joined ‘President Fetch’ on bass in ’88. He also played in the band ‘Heatfarm’. Nowadays he runs the booking-agency Gearbox.

At the time of this interview ‘President Fetch’ had a demo out and were about to record their LP The Eternal Need Of… (with besides Anderz: drummer Martin ‘Morgengrim’ Larsen, guitarist Per Eriksen and vocalst ‘Ant’ Chris Juris). We did a show for them on 90-05-27

President Fetch (Rise Or Fall #2) aPresident Fetch (Rise Or Fall #2) bPresident Fetch (Rise Or Fall #2) cPresident Fetch (Rise Or Fall #2) d

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  1. David Hirt says:

    Funny thing to find a reference to my zine here on the internet. Thanks for archiving all this information from the zines of the 80’s and 90’s. I, unfortunately, left my collection between moves in my 20s to the Bound Together Anarchist Bookstore in San Francisco. Hopefully they went to good use but I miss having some of those items. Was close with Gored and his Endless Struggle zine from Vancouver, as well as Dan from Profane Existence. I had old Cometbus and another from England – 11 Years On – that I enjoyed and can find no reference to online, that I would like to have now. And hundreds more. Oh well, still have all my vinyl records. Still do have the Rise or Fall issues. I only did 2; had all the material for number 3 and then didn’t find the time to do it. Felt bad for the bands that took the time to answer all my questions and then I never published it. Glad the first two issues live on here. Too bad we did not meet in 1989 in Santa Cruz. I had just moved back home near Santa Rosa, then came back to finish school in Santa Cruz again later that year…

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