Zyklome-A (Fetvadd #1)

Magnus Grehn (’16 B.U.H.’ vocalist; brother of Fredrik Grehn, who did Byt Ben zine) did this zine together with Mikael ‘Löken’ Karlsson (’16 B.U.H.’ guitarist; ex ‘Rövsvett’) and Frank Bergsten (’16 B.U.H.’ drummer; ex ‘Rövsvett’); all from Tranås (Sweden). Fetvadd translates as “wadding/stuffing”. There was also a compilation-tape (What’s Going On Inside My Head) released under that name, and material of ’16 B.U.H.’ and ‘Rea Respirator’ (Fredrik Grehn’s band)…

The first issue of the zine (1985) featured ‘Civil Dissident’, ‘Scapegoats’, ‘Zyklome-A’, Terveet Kädet’, ‘Dom Där’, etc. #2 was with ‘Inferno’, ‘Raped Teenagers’, ‘S.O.D.’, ‘Gepøpel’, ‘Mellakka’. #3: ‘Stupids’, ‘G.K.H.’ (Swi), ‘Apognosis’ (Gre), etc. (’86): ‘I Refuse It’, ‘Rapt’, ‘Upset Noise’, ‘G-Anx’ and more. #5-6-7: ???


In 1985 myself, Mikael ‘Löken’ Karlsson and Frank Bergsten started the fanzine Fetvadd. We had read zines for many years and all of us played in punk and hardcore bands like ‘Rövsvett’ and ‘16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna‘. Over the years we got lots of contacts playing with the band, putting up and attending  gigs, trading tapes/records all over the world. ‘Löken’ was the only one that had done a zine before (Mardröm [“nightmare], in 1982). So why not put out a zine and write about the scene in our region, and ask bands abroad for interviews? Me and Frank were a part of Fetvadd up to 1987. After that Löken ran the zine, and started a tape-/record-label.

10 years ago I started a small pubishing-company that has released 14 books so far. 3 of them are comics by Frank Bergsten. I publish mostly poetry.

Magnus Grehn

We started Fetvadd end of 1984 at my parents house. I ran Fetvadd recs and tapes mostly myself; I had to get my band out somehow and it was D.I.Y. The last record was the 1st ’16 B.U.H.’ LP in 2017. I will also put out 2 CDs of ’16 B.U.H.’ and maybe a tape…

Content of #5: ‘No Lip’, ‘Kafka Prosess’, ‘H.H.H.’, ‘Diatribe’, ‘Filthy Christians’ etc. #6: ‘Varukers’, ‘Agent 86’, ‘Maimed For Life’, ‘Instigators’, etc. #7: ‘Desperate Minds’, ‘Down Syndrome’, ‘SS 20’, etc. Frank left after #6, Grehn after #7; so I lost interest to do a zine and #8 (1988) came out as a split-zine with Happy Väder #1… Fetvadd #8 featured ‘Th’Inbred’, Happy Väder ‘16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna’.

Frank has put out 4 art-zines after leaving ‘Rövsvett’.


‘Löken’ suggested I reprint the ‘Zyklome-A’ interview he did with bassist Marc Verbeek (R.I.P. 2018) as a tribute. This legendary Belgian HC/punk band seized to exist when guitarist Toon Puttemans deserted (went to Amsterdam) and didn’t plan on coming back to our little nazi-country (dixit brother ‘Bie’). He passed away in June 2013. They existed from 1980 to ’85, did the Repression split-EP (with Moral Demolition; Punk Etc. 1983) and the LP Made In Belgium (Punk Etc. 1984). A bit later his brother ‘Bie’ (Robin), the drummer, and Marc started a new band with Dirk Ceustermans (‘Koyaanisqatsi’ bassist) on guitar: ‘Ear Damage’…

[Translation below; by Frank Bergsten – scans/pics provided by Mikael Karlsson]

‘Zyklome-A’ is a band from Belgium that plays hardcore. They have released a split-EP with the defunct ‘Moral Demolition’ and one LP named Made In Belgium on Punk Etc.

Does the name ‘Zyklome-A’ mean anything in particular?

‘Zyklome-A’ comes from zyklon-B which was a poison-gas (used by the Germans in World War II to kill Jews), so we changed zyklon to zyklome (because it sounded better) and B became A which stands for anti-fascism, anarchism. So Zyklome-A = anti zyklon-B.

What’s the punk-scene in Belgium like?

The Belgian punk-scene is just getting better and better. There are more people getting involved with the scene all the time. There are more gigs and festivals, more fanzines, and much more great bands like ‘Capital Scum’, ‘X-Creta’, ‘Wulpse Varkens’, ‘Vortex’, ‘Dirty Scums’, ‘W.R. 3’ and more.

Why wasn’t ‘Zyklome-A’ included on Maximum Rock’n’Roll’s compilation Welcome To 1984?

We don’t know, we think they liked ‘Moral Demolition’ better. But we’ll be on Pushead’s compilation with ‘Kaaos’, ‘Inferno’, ‘7 Seconds’, ‘Poison Idea’, ‘Septic Death’ and loads of other bands.

Whatever happened to ‘Moral Demolition’?

‘Moral Demolition’ split up a couple of months after we released the Repression EP. The drummer didn’t like it anymore and the singer joined the marines (Fuck him!!!) but the bassist and guitarist are busy forming a new band which will be very good.

Did Repression sell well?

There was 1.000 pressed and they’re all gone, so we can say it sold well.

Have Punk Etc. released anything else, or something new coming up?

Punk Etc. did two compilation-tapes (both sold out), and one EP with ‘Sexy Bollocks’. Punk Etc. is planning a compilation-LP with ‘Capital Scum’, ‘Vortex’, ‘W.R. 3’, ‘Wulpse Varkens’ and of course ‘Zyklome-A’.

Any problems with the police?

We’ve got lots of problems with the cops “when we walk down the street they laugh at us”. We have to show them our IDs, sometimes we have to take off our jackets and let them search our pockets. They also raid clubs and pubs. They also check up on us at gigs and festivals. Belgium is a real police-state and we hate the cops.

Do you have many nazi-skins in Belgium? Problems with violence at gigs?

There are not that many nazi-skins in Belgium (only some in Brussels). Most skins are friends with the punks. There isn’t that much trouble at gigs but lots of violence in the streets, with football-hooligans, fascist movements like V.M.O. and soldiers.

What’s more important, lyrics or music?

The lyrics are very important (anti-army, anarchism, anti-fascism, anti-war, etc). But the music is very important (especially at gigs, have fun and pogo).

Do you play live a lot? Planning a tour or a particular gig?

We’ve played 35 gigs (28 in Belgium and 7 in Holland) and we’ll go to Germany soon.

Bands you played with?

‘M.D.C.’, ‘Crucifix’, ‘B.G.K.’, Lärm’, ‘The Ex’, ‘Pandemonium’, ‘Conflict’, ‘X-Pozez’, ‘Capital Scum’, ‘Moral Demolition’, ‘Neuroot’, ‘S.Z.S.’, ‘Scoundrels’, ‘Wulpse Varkens’, ‘X-Creta’, ‘Pigs In Blue Glue’, ‘Vortex’, ‘Brrr’, ‘Dirty Scums’, ‘Sponky Business’, ‘No Numbers’, ‘De Boegies’, ‘A.I.D.S.’, ‘Gepöpel’, ‘Indirekt’, ‘Blitzkrieg’, ‘The Mudgang’, ‘Electronaze’, ‘Frites Modern’, ‘Pix’, ‘Krank’, ‘Sexy Bollocks’, ‘Amsterdamned’, ‘Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig’ and lots of others.

Why do you only show your legs on the records?

First it was just to be funny (our lyrics are serious, but we’re funny guys), but also a reaction against poseurs, we hate to see pictures with poseurs on the covers.

Your favourite bands? Heard any Swedish punk and do you have any Swedish favourite bands?

Bie’s favourite bands are: ‘Inferno’, ‘Upright Citizens’, ‘Kanalterror’ and lots of other German bands, ‘Terveet Kädet’ and other Finnish bands, ‘Crucifix’, Lärm’, ‘Capital Scum’, ‘B.G.K.’, ‘Moral Demolition’, ‘G.B.H.’ and more. Toon: ‘Ramones’, ‘Bad Brains’, early JOE JACKSON, ‘The Damned’ and all sorts of 77, ‘De Boegies’, ‘Inferno’, B.G.K.’, ‘Kanalterror’ and everything with a beat. Marc: ‘B.G.K.’, ‘Inferno’, ‘Crucifix’, ‘Bad Brains’, ‘Lärm’, ‘Septic Death’, ‘Motörhead’, ‘Discharge’, ‘G.B.H.’, ‘Agent Orange’, ‘Poison Idea’, ‘Terveet Kädet’, ‘Anti-Cimex’, ‘Rattus’, ‘M.D.C.’, ‘D.R.I.’, ‘Capital Scum’, ‘Moral Demolition’, ‘Dr. Know’, ‘Metallica’, ‘Zmiv’, ‘Slayer’, ‘Venom’, ‘De Boegies’, ‘Outrageous’ and more. We know of some Swedish bands like ‘Slam’, ‘Huvudtvätt’ but our favorites are ‘Anti-Cimex’.

Could you tell us something about your lyrics?

We’ve got quite a few lyrics against war (Abort All Wars, Atomic Powers, People Die, Last War, Somewhere They’re Fighting, De Bommen Vallen, The End). We also got some lyrics against cops (Target of Police Controls, We All Hate Cops). Then we have lyrics about people in general (Scapegoats, Different Kind of People, Change Your Life, Angry Faces). And we have lyrics about the future, our country, violence, rape, about the night and more.

What are you up to beside the band?

We work together with other people to arrange gigs (especially Marc) and we write about stuff for fanzines, print posters and lots of other things. We also drink lots of alcohol (hahaha) and have a great time together.

What do you think of racism, fascism, nazism and things like that?

We hate all racists, fascists, nazis and sexists. All people should be equal (black, red, yellow, white, man or woman, everyone!)

Is there a lot of unemployment in Belgium?

The unemployment is quite high in Belgium. Two of us are out of work. Marc is still studying.

Has the church a lot of power in Belgium? What do you think of god, religion, etc.?

The church itself doesn’t have much power, but the catholic party does, one of the biggest and most important party in the government. To hell with god, religion, church, jesus, etc.

Anything to add?

Think! Have fun! Fight back! Pogo! OK, that’s it. Cheers from Marc, Bie and Toon.

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