Atavistic (Ripping Thrash #3)

‘Atavistic’ (from Whitstable, Kent) were Patrick McKernan (bass), John Brenchley (drums, R.I.P.) and Jeremy ‘Jez’ Upcroft (guitar/vocals). They did a little tour in Belgium in 1988 (also did a gig for our Smurfpunx-collective on 88-06-25) and this interview probably convinced me to invite them (together with hearing them on Peaceville’s compilation A Vile Peace). Some people lumped them onto the metal/crossover pile but one can read they had a strong political/DIY attitude. Their lyrics (and texts that came with their releases) were also quite intelligent. Their music could be described as fast thrashing hardcore with metal riffing and a touch of grindcore; a bit more sophisticated than average. They did a demo in ’86 (From Within). And in ’87 2 7″s – Life During Wartime (on Peaceville recs) and Equilibrium (on Loony Tunes recs) – were released. Their LP Vanishing Point (1990) came out on Profane Existence.

Ripping Thrash is one of the longest lasting HC/punk fanzines in the U.K. I started to buy/exchange/distribute it around 1986. Steve Buxton (from Burton-on-Trent) interviewed bands, reviewed music & zines, and reported about scenes from all over the globe. Nowadays he still does his distro and runs a label. Read about his activities on Steve is also still doing the zine …

Atavistic (RT #3) aAtavistic (RT #3) bAtavistic (RT #3) cAtavistic (RT #3) d

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