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P.A.I.N. (Punk Shocker #6)

This zine was done by ‘Andy Shocker’ (Andrew S.) from the Durham/Newcastle Upon Tyne region. There were 11 issues released between 1989 and 2005. The following overview is based on the ‘Punk Shocker’ Years 1989 – 2004 zineography that was … Continue reading

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Toxic Waste (Follow The Crowd #3)

A fanzine from Omagh, Northern-Ireland, done by ‘Moyni’ Tony Moynihan and Derek ‘Doe’ Lynn (guitar/vocals & bass/vocals of ‘The Icons’). The first is a friend of Dirk Ceustermans (who borrowed me his copy of the 4th issue). The latter passed … Continue reading

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Culture Shock (R.O.T. #3)

R.O.T. was a fanzine from Eastborne/Brighton edited by ‘Herbs’ Ruben Vine (a.k.a. Glenda) & ‘Smiff’ Steve Smith. They did 3 issues but the the 4th was just ‘Herbs’. Each issue was given another name: Rock On Thatcher (#1) – Reasons … Continue reading

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No Way Out (Full Stop #2)

The editor of this fanzine was Barry (Moody?), a straight-edger from Huddersfield (UK). I probably got this issue for review/possible distribution or bought it from another distro… It mostly contained bands and reviews. #1: Gorilla Biscuits, Think Twice, Steadfast. #2: … Continue reading

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Amebix (Filthy Trash #2)

A while before Paul ‘Hammy’ Halmshaw started his label Peaceville recs (in 1987; his distribution and tape-label started earlier) he was the drummer of ‘Instigators‘ (84-85) and he sang for ‘Civilised Society?’ (86-87). He also did a couple of issues … Continue reading

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Spawn (Clear Perception #1)

Chris(topher) Meadows (who lived in the Liverpool area) did this straight-edge vegan zine. He was also the drummer for ‘Unborn’ and the vocalist of ‘Withdrawn’, etc. He sent/gave me his first issue (1993). It had interviews with ‘Unbroken’, ‘Spawn’ & … Continue reading

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RockBitch (Sharkpool #3)

Tracy Bosworth (p.a. Delerict recs in Nottingham) did this fanzine called Sharkpool. We exchanged a few letters/mails but then she disappeared. I recall she was studying; later teaching and conducting research at her local university. Her study of gender-relations in … Continue reading

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