Yuppicide (Zips & Chains #9)

The main man of Zips & Chains was Dario Adamic (a.k.a. Adam). He’s originally from Split (at that time in Yugoslavia, nowadays Croatia) but I got to know him when he started studying in Rome (early 90s). I believe we distributed each other’s zine. I have issues 7 -10 (May ’91 – Jan ’97). Sometimes I got a bit of an itch seeing rather commercial bands in it (e.g. SamIAm’, ‘Bad Religion’, ‘Lag Wagon’, ‘NoFX’) but he mixed that with D.I.Y. bands (e.g. ‘Agent 86’, ‘M.D.C.’, ‘Ivich’, ‘Peace Of Mind’), a decent letter-section and plenty of reviews. He was also writing for Blast! (a socalled ‘underground’ magazine with a print-run of upto 10.000), ran a distribution (Bored Teenagers) and later started his label Goodwill recs. He was also the bassplayer in the band ‘This Side Up’…

This interview with ‘Yuppicide’ (from Brooklyn, New York) was done during their first European tour (’92). The line-up: John ‘Kid’ Lynch (drums; ex ‘S.F.A.’), Joe Keefe (bass), Steve Karp (guitar) and Jes(se) Jones (vocals). They played catchy HC with slick riffs that stick to your brain. Lyrics were clever too.

Yuppicide (Zips & Chains #9) aYuppicide (Zips & Chains #9) bYuppicide (Zips & Chains #9) cYuppicide (Zips & Chains #9) d

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