Ivich (Persons Unknown #1)

Persons Unknown (actually the first issue was entitled “Deny Tradition, a Persons Unknown project”) was done by 2 intelligent/caring people (“with brains & hearts” as I wrote in my review) from the scene around Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxemburg: Michèle Marnach & (her partner at that time) ‘Brego’ Marc Bregoli. They also played in a HC band called ‘Because’. Besides interviews, it also contained pieces about sexism (by Monique Rodrigues) & child-abuse. Michèle was also one of the women that participated in Women in HardCore Punk (interviews Tilt! #8).

‘Ivich’ was a (what nowadays would be pigeonholed as screamo) band from the Paris suburbs. Their music sounded quite contrary and was in a later stage interspersed with nervous trumpet outbursts. They consisted of Eric Mirguet (vocals), Yves Maisonneuve (drums), Cédric (bass), Yann Maisonneuve (guitar; later in ‘Vanilla’ with his brother) & Thierry (trumpet). Eric and I corresponded after he’d written about help with distribution and concerts. They played a bunch of gigs at our autonomous centre, the Vort’n Vis (where we met: Eric was a very kind and intelligent chap – he’s a human rights lawyer). Over the years ’92-’94, they released 2 demos (called Sculpteur De Cris & Champs Violents), a 7″ (Chacun Sa Vérité), an LP (La Mort Heureuse), splt-7″s with ‘ Jasemine’ & ‘E-150 (with the help of Christophe Mora) and a 10″ on Kent McClard’s label.

Ivich (Persons Unknown #1) aIvich (Persons Unknown #1) bIvich (Persons Unknown #1) c

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