Bimba Obesa (Santa Riot)

I found some bits of Santa Riot; there was a lot more but that got probably lost. To read it back now I can see that my level of English at that time was hilarious! I was young and punk with some radical ideas I don’t entirely agree with anymore. Nevertheless I’m happy with that part of my life, fanzines, playing in a political feminist band in squats, facing a lot of machismo in the punk-scene itself (sadly enough). Catholicism is so ingraned in the culture here…

Bimba Obesa was a fictional character from my sick mind and I published her adventures in both my zines Santa Riot and Sisters. These were 2 separate zines with similar articles and subjects but one was in English and the other in Italian. I don’t remember how many issues of Santa Riot I did (it didn’t appear on a regular basis), perhaps around 10. I was struggling writing in English so there weren’t that many pages. The Italian one was bigger and probably had around 20 issues or so. Everything happened between 1995 and 2000…

Consuelo Giorgi

Santa Riot was a zine about punk/feminism/riot grrrls with female/feminist band interviews, music-, art- and literature-reviews edited by Consuelo Giorgi from La Spezia (Italy). She was also doing comics under the title Bimba Obesa (fat baby): feminist surreal stories of a chubby riot grrrl. Consuelo also organised the first 2 Grrrls Pride events in Italy at the La Villa Okkupata squat in Florence and played bass and sang in the riot grrrl band ‘Pussy Face‘ (after she’d been in ‘Juicy Shoes‘). Nowadays she lives in London where she teaches photography and plays in the  feminist horror-punk band ‘The Creeping Terrors‘. Read more on her website Babes In Horrorland.

Consuelo sent me a lot of interesting stuff; unfortunately I can’t publish all of it. Here’s a selection (not necessarily from the same issue) but get in touch if you want to read more… There’s quite a few comic-strips, band-presentations (‘SexySuperPornoHC’ from Italy, ‘Bratmobile’, ‘Spitboy’) and interviews (‘Flocks’ from Italy), reviews of records (the Sperminator compilation-CD) & books (Valerie SolanasS.C.U.M. Manifesto; Angry Women In Rock), anti-sexist writings, collage against lesbo-/homo-phobia, etc. etc.



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