Angelic Upstarts (Through The Looking Glass #2)

Editor of this zine was Alice ‘Uncool’ Lagnado, sister of UK Resist’s founder Jake. She also contributed to that… No idea how I got this but perhaps someone of the UK Resist crew send it over? Alice resided in Isleworth (west of London); nowadays she lives in Russia, where she used to work as a journalist and news-correspondent; nowadays as a translator. I have no idea how many issues she did but this one has also interviews with ‘Sofa Head’ & ‘Less Than Zero’ (Scotland), poetry, reviews and pieces about pornography, male domination of the scene & diets.

‘Angelic Upstarts’ was tagged as an anti-fascist punk band. Supposedly “one of the most politically charged and thought-provoking bands” and supporting a socialist working class philosophy. They had a bunch of catchy songs but were actually signed to major labels (Warner Bros, EMI) from early on. (Not punk in my book.) Their vocalist ‘Mensi’ (Thomas/Tommy Mensforth) is a bit of a controversial person… Dickie Hammond (‘H.D.Q.’, ‘Leatherface’) played in the band (somewhere in the second half of the noughties) but we can’t ask him (R.I.P.). Alice poses a bunch of indepth/provocative questions (about feminism, the music-biz, politics, Oi!, etc.) in this interview from 1989.


It was a bit scary interviewing the ‘Upstarts’. I was only a kid; 16 or 17 (born Sep 1972)… I always liked writing; when I was a child I wrote newsletters all about my family and sent it to family-members. Later I became a professional journalist. And now I translate, which is also a kind of writing, and am writing a novel. So: I love words and I love interviewing… I think I only did 2 issues though.


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