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Avail (Tadpole #3)

‘Avail’ from Richmond (Virginia) – when touring Europe for the first time (in ’95) – were: ‘Beau’ Beau Butler (cheerleader/dancer), Joe Banks (guitar), Tim Barry (vocals), Erik Larson (drums) and Rob(ert) Kelshian (bass; ex ‘Ipecac’). They played at the Vort’n … Continue reading

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Força Macabra (Downsided #1)

Downsided was done by Toni Eiskonen (at that time residing in a town called Mikkeli), the bassist of the Finnish band ‘Kirous’ (that played the Vort’n Vis on 96-09-21). This first issue had some columns, reviews and interviews with ‘Noothgrush’ … Continue reading

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Spermbirds (Scène Plongeon #2)

Scène Plongeon – if one translates the name of this zine literally, it means ‘stagediving’ but it can also refer to ‘an immersion in the scene’ – was the publication my correspondent and mate Joel Person (from Saint-Herblain, near Nantes … Continue reading

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