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Profane Existence (Our Struggle #4)

Interview done by Our Struggle editor Tom Lang (Salzburg, Austria) with the influential Profane Existence collective (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA).

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Hippycore’s Jack & Joel (Tunga Tunga #6)

This in an interview with Jack Kahn & Joel Olson (Mesa, Arizona) who used to do Hippycore (a fanzine, but they also expanded their activities to distribution, releasing vinyl and publishing – the Soy Not Oi booklet e.g.). These guys … Continue reading

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Cólera (Deadline #2)

‘Cólera’ was the first ‘excotic’ (in this case Latin-American) band that I got to see live. Remember: this was way before internet, mobile-phones, skype, GPS, etc. The band was invited over by Werner Excelmans of Hageland Hardcore. His house became … Continue reading

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Rise Above (International Objection #9)

One of the very few interviews I’ve seen with what probably was the first Straight-Edge band from Belgium. Members would go on to play in ‘Nations On Fire’, ‘Shortsight’, ‘Blindfold’, etc. It appeared in the (non SxE) fanzine International Objection … Continue reading

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Flat Earth records (How We Rock #13)

A person that was a great example/influence to me, ‘Sned’ of Flat Earth recs (and many a band) was interviewed by Nick Royles in the summer of ’95. I’d met David for the first time when my band supported supported … Continue reading

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Ripcord (Peace Or Annihilation #10)

Drummer John Millier interviewed by Onno Hesselink a few months before I organised their (and my) first European tour. I’d gotten their flexi from Onno and this prompted me to contact them (John). It was the start of a whole … Continue reading

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