E-150 (It’s Raining Truths #4)

The zine was done by Pytrik Schafraad, a guy from ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch, The Netherlands). He did 4 issues between 1997 & 2000. I believe I only saw #2 & #4. The www tells us he focussed “on band-interviews and articles on various political topics with a personal perspective”. Issue two was subtitled ‘hardcore against homophobia’ and contained interviews with ‘97a’, ‘Reaching Forward’, ‘Driven’ & ‘Palatka’, plus opinions and zine-reviews (with help from Pieter Dobbelsteen of Sculpture zine). Issue four has a bunch of columns, heaps of zine-reviews and talks with ‘Mainstrike’, Robert of Commitment recs, ‘Avail’ & this one here…

Later (from 2000 on) Pytrik did RE/fuse zine with a bunch of other folks (incl. Marcel Palijama of Coalition recs). Nowadays he investigates the influence of press-releases of big (Dutch) corporations on the news, at the Department of Corporate Communication of the University of Amsterdam.

I never got to see ‘E-150’ (from Barcelona) play live. They played (furious HC with Spanish lyrics) in Belgium for the first time at the 2001 Ieperfest, I believe. A pity ’cause I would’ve liked them. They were a political band with attitudes/ideas similar to ‘Los Crudos’, ‘Seein’Red’ & ‘Sin Dios’… “Las palabras punk y negocio siempre se darán de hostias. No es por dinero, es contra él.” (“Punk and business will always clash. It’s not for the money, it’s against it.”) The music was labeled as powerviolence/crust. Members of the band were Abraham Elaidi (vocals; in the beginning drums), ‘Italiano’ Jose Luis Domínguez (vocals), ‘Beni’ Ben C Martinez (guitar), ‘Peach’ Carlos Torres (drums) & Elías Egido (bass). They did a split-EP (with ‘Ivich’ ) for Stonehenge recs and had several releases on Don’t Belong.

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