Earth Citizens (Papermouth #1)

Halfway the 90s I corresponded with and met (at a Vort’n Vis festival in 1994) Tomaž Trplan (from Murska Sobota in north-east Slovenia), an intelligent young lad who did this zine. One of his editorials goes: “Papermouth is meant to inspire, inform or provoke; yet you are the one to find out the effect on yourself. […] You are wellcomed to analyse, express, inspire or just throw out the aggression, and see what it does for you. […] It can be a stepping-stone to real communication.” Of course I helped distribute the zine through my mailorder…

The 1992 isssue has interesting articles about punk attitude, communication, dietary revolution, active birth and interviews with ‘Agent 86’ (USA), ‘Anti Military Demonstration’ (Hungary) and ‘Earth Citizens’ (Switzerland). The 1993 issue contained articles about veganism, nutritional value of the fruits and nuts, anti-fascist movement, non-violence and anti-sexism propaganda.

Tomaž studied political science and later did work for UN Women, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, the European Food Safety Authority, the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency, The Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies – “a private, independent, non-profit research institution aiming for “peaceful conflict resolution, equality and respect for human rights standards” and for the Minority Voices programme (which goals are “the inclusion of minority and indigenous peoples’ perspectives in the EU media and to increase awareness among development policy-makers of the specific needs of minority and indigenous communities”).

‘Earth Citizens’ was the anarcho-crust/punk band my comrade and ultra-productive zinester (No Sanctuary, Alternative, Brain Death, …) Pablo (‘The Prophet’ from Zürich, later Biel/Bienne) was in. He also ran the DIY label Resistance productions (and later Strongly Opposed recs). He was the drummer of the band. The others were ‘Schrein’n’hart’ Reinhard (vocals at first, later ‘Oi!Siris’), Fritze ‘Furz The System’ (guitar & backing-vocals) and Dani / Sammy ‘Soyhead’ Schneider / Lara A. (bass). Pablo was in other musical projects before, during and after this: e.g. ‘The Brains Of Humans’, ‘Protest’, ‘Domo Arigato’, ‘Umbrella Tribe’, etc.



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