Doughnuts (Rebellion #2)

The all-women sXe band ‘Doughnuts’ (from Umeå) is interviewed here just after the release of their (last) album Feel Me Bleed (1996). In the band at that time: Asa Forsberg (vocals), Sara Sjogren (guitar), Sara Almgren (guitar), Jenny Johansson (bass; she replaced Helena Löfgren) & Linda Lundberg (drums). They played at the Vort’n Vis (Ypres, Belgium) on 95-08-19…

The zine was sent to me by one of the editors, Henrik Wermelin (then studying at Umeå university). He did this with his mate Ante S from his hometown Njurunda. This issue had also interviews with ‘Purusam’, ‘Endflow’ & ‘Bitter Sweet’, some columns, reviews and a scene-report. The first issue was with ‘SaidIWas’, ‘Battery’, ‘Gainlift’ & ‘Java’.


Rebellion #1 (Henrik Wermelin)Rebellion #2

Before I did Boulderdash with two friends. The first issue was in 1995 and had a lenghty interview with ‘Refused’ and talks with ‘Bob Hund’ & ’88 Fingers Louie’. #2 came out in ’96 and contained ‘Snapcase’, ‘Earth Crisis’, ‘4 Walls Falling’, ‘Sensefield’, ‘Lifetime’, etc. Then I did this one here with my friend Ante. Both of these were pretty basic HC zines. I also did 3 issues of True Self Revealed (from ’97 on) – more of a political zine (in Swedish) – on my own. TSR can be found on the internet (It’s  filed as a part of the Swedish internet-museum!). #1 contained and interview with Amazon Press – a feminist zine from Umeå; the rest was articles on political themes. #2 (June 1998) had an interview with ‘Painted Thin’, talks with different people (Todd from ‘I Spy’ among others) on alcohol and articles about love. #3 (’99) contained a lengthy interview with John K. Samson [ex ‘Propagandhi’] from ‘The Weakerthans’; the rest was articles about masculinity.

Henrik Wermelin

Doughnuts (Fuck Rebellion) aDoughnuts (Fuck Rebellion) bDoughnuts (Fuck Rebellion) cDoughnuts (Fuck Rebellion) dDoughnuts (Fuck Rebellion) eDoughnuts (Fuck Rebellion) fDoughnuts (Fuck Rebellion) gDoughnuts (Fuck Rebellion) h

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