Verbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1)

Lucky 13 was the zine that René Harks (a mate who visited our Smurfpunx gigs and read my zine Tilt!) did. I only got one issue, probably because he only did one. René lived in the Dutch town Eindhoven (just across the border) and was a frequent visiter of the concerts at the local venue (De Effenaar) there. He went to study in Amsterdam and we grew apart because I was adamantly refusing to show any interest in anything that was even remotely commercial and he didn’t. At one time René had a radio-show (Club Casablanca) on Kink FM and nowadays he’s a ‘plugger’ (radio-promoter) for a major record-company (Universal Music Group).

René did this interview with ‘Verbal Assault’s vocalist Chris(topher) Jones in December 1989 (during their tour organised by Konkurrent’s Hetty Zwart – their sub-label Konkurrel released their records in Europe – and Trust fanzine’s Dolf Hermanstädter) in his hometown but I’m sure he also saw them perform at the show us Smurfpunx did for them in Aalst, 89-10-01.

Besides Chris, ‘Verbal Assault‘ was Pete Chramiec (guitar; later in ‘Rain Like The Sound Of Trains), Doug Ernest (drums) and Dylan Roy (bass). On their tours Darren Mock (editor of No Loitering fanzine) was the bassist. Tobby Holzinger releaased the recordings of their show at the Oberhaus in Alzey (Germany; 89-10-28) for his Your Choice Live Series. The summer before this tour they’d recorded their 12″, entitled On. In Tilt! #5 I reviewed it as follows: >>Powerful emo-core driven by an extremely good guitar-sound. (…) They kicked ass live and the slab is a reflection of that…<<

Verbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1) aVerbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1) bVerbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1) cVerbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1) dVerbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1) eVerbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1) fVerbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1) gVerbal Assault (Lucky 13 #1) hthe photos of ‘Verbal Assault’ are most probably taken by Theun Koelemij (‘Lärm’ crew)

Verbal Assault - On - Konkurrent

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