Defiance (Broken Vision #2)

If I’m not mistaken, the editor of Broken Vision is the vocalist in ‘Hellexist’. It had a few issues I think but I only read the first one. It focussed on anarcho-peace-punk/crust and was inspired by Profane Existence. The interviews and writing-style were not that good to my taste, too tame & no bold ideas. Like a 4th-rate You’re So Hideous or Riot. Co-editor Jeryzon has an underground music-shop in Kuala Lumpur [capital of Malaysia] and a label too but I can’t remember the name…

Ahmad Syahrin, Asas distro, Malaysia

I traded this zine with a person named Encik from Johor (Malaysia)… It was edited by 2 guys from Malaysia: Jimbo (living in Johor Bahru) and Jeryzon (Kuala Lumpur). The first (Jimbo Tiram ‘Bulldozer’) was/is in bands such as ‘Parkinson’ & ‘Hellexist’, and runs the label Broken Noise recs. Before this one he did Chronically Donut zine. Later he also did Jalan.Jatuh.Lari zine.

A review of #1 (January 1998) goes: “Basically, an anarcho/crust zine… Not as political as I had hoped it would be. […] I loved Chronically Donut for its exquisite humour value but this is a serious and thought-provoking zine.”. Content: chats with the Italian band ‘Arturo’, a few Swedish bands (‘Snifter’, ‘Rajoitus’, etc.) and some local acts; a lot of reviews, a couple of columns and other info.

The second issue (January 1999) came out a year after the first. There’s a quite some bits with an anarchist tendency, interviews with ‘Dahmer’, ‘Defiance’, ‘Power Of Idea’ and the Malaysian band ‘Bollocks’, a couple of columns by the editors, letters, scene-reports (Finland & France) and reviews.


‘Defiance’ was one of the many bands (‘Resist’, ‘Deprived’, Masskontrol’, ‘Detestation, …) that bassist Kelly Halliburton was in. They were from Portland (Oregon) and played anarcho street-punk. During their European Tour, they performed at the Vort’n Vis autonomous centre (95-10-14). The others were Alaric ‘Gibby’ Brown (vocals; Tony Mengis of ‘Deprived’/‘Resist’ was on some early recordings), Michael ‘Mike Arrogant’ Aragon (guitars) and Eric ‘Niff’ Alukonis (drums). At the time of this interview Kelly was replaced by Chris ‘Piss’ Carey.

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